‘NCIS’: Emily Wickersham Shares a Gorgeous Selfie as She Declares She’s ‘Not a Backseat Driver’

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (November 9th), former NCIS star Emily Wickersham took to her Instagram to share some gorgeous selfies on a sunny fall day.

“Not a back seat driver,” the NCIS alum declared in the post. She is seen wearing a colorful plaid shirt while holding a cup of coffee. 

Over the weekend, the former NCIS castmate enjoyed a beautiful view of the New York City skyline at dusk. She wrote in the caption, “That never sleeps.”

NCIS fans have been missing Wickersham since she departed from the series at the end of its 18th season. One fan commented in the New York City post, “Miss seeing you on the telly NCIS. Hope we get to see you again, somewhere. Slainte.”

Another NCIS fan added, “If this is New York City, you need to see your big brother Michael (Tony).”

Emily Wickersham Recalls Her Audition For ‘NCIS’ 

While chatting with Da Man Magazine in 2015, Emily Wickersham shared some details about her audition for NCIS. “Just like any other audition, I went in and left and put it out of my mind,” Wickersham admitted. “Then I got a call about coming in to test. Once I got the job, there was a little trial period for a few episodes where I was a guest star to see how I would mesh with the cast.”

Following her trial period on NCIS, Wickersham described the series as being really fun to be a part of. She also described her experience as a cast member like jumping on a moving train. “At this point in the game for [the other cast members], it’s a well-oiled machine. I’ve really learned to pace myself. Overall the journey so far has been great. I get to do what I love and work with many great people and very talented actors.”

The NCIS alum also looked back on her days on the set of HBO’s The Sopranos. “It was one of my very first jobs, and I even think one of the first auditions I went out on in New York,” she recalled.

Wickersham then said she actually didn’t know what it was like to be on a set. She also remembered being very scared and excited to be a small part of the series. 

In regards to what other TV appearances she made before snagging the NCIS role, Wickersham said it was fun being apart of The Bridge. “Getting to work with Annabeth Gish was great. But to be honest, the most important so far has been NCIS.”

Wickersham goes on to add that NCIS was the most consistent job she has had and it was incredible to be able to get up and work as an actor every day.