‘NCIS’: What Episode Does Nick Torres Actor Wilmer Valderrama Make His Debut?

by Madison Miller

In order to stay interesting for nearly two decades, “NCIS” has had to recruit new and exciting faces throughout the years.

Now, one of those actors remains a fan-favorite in the franchise. Wilmer Valderrama, known for his hilarious role as Fez on “That ’70s Show,” joined the rest of the cast as Special Agent Nick Torres.

First Episode for Nick Torres

His very first episode in which fans were introduced to this new agent, as well as an all-new side to Valderrama as an actor, was in the first episode of season 14. It was called “Rogue.” During the episode, the team investigates a car explosion. It’s all connected to a mysterious agent who happened to go missing about six months earlier.

Up until this point, Gibbs had been refusing every agent sent to replace Tony. The Commander that owned the car was killed in the tampered car accident. The wife was also in the car but was just injured. She happens to be a JAG lawyer as well so the team investigates if she got on someone’s bad side from an older case.

It becomes even more complicated when they learn she took some time off for personal reasons. Her daughter ended up contradicting her when she shared that her mother was actually working on a case. She went to Argentina in search of her brother — an “NCIS” agent that was there on an undercover mission.

He had stopped making contact for about a year and rumors were swirling that he died in action. His sister hires an investigator and finds him. As it turns out, he got incredibly involved in his undercover work where he was trying to expose a family engaged in illegal practices.

Since then, Torres has grown to be a strong member of the “NCIS” team. He also was romantically affiliated with Special Agent Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham). However, she will not be appearing in the new season this fall. Wilmer Valderrama will return alongside others like Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen, David McCallum, and Diona Reasonover.

Wilmer Valderrama Filming ‘NCIS’

In many ways, Valderrama’s role in “NCIS” is quite different than his other projects during his career.

His role in the long-running crime drama is constantly defined by intense violence and action. He said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight from four years ago that getting on “NCIS” is comparable to parachuting onto a train.

“I felt like Daniel Craig. You know I landed and I didn’t fall off the train … and it’s like okay now keep going,” Valderrama said. He’s referencing a particularly epic scene in the 007 movie, ‘Skyfall’.”

He may not have that high level of action scenes, but Valderrama can still get physical when he needs to.

One of the first times we see Wilmer as Torres, he’s fist-fighting a couple of bad guys in an alley. Gibbs and Bishop show up to help him finish them off. They point the gun at him and he states, “Relax, we’re on the same side.”

From that moment on, that certainly seems to be the case.