‘NCIS’: Everything to Know About ‘Ducky’ Actor David McCallum’s Fiction Novel, ‘Once a Crooked Man’

by Katie Maloney

“NCIS” star David McCallum isn’t just an incredible actor. He’s also a writer. Here’s everything you need to know about the star’s fiction novel, “Once a Crooked Man.”

“Once a Crooked Man” follows Sal, Max, and Enzo Bruschetti. Three men who have spent years running a criminal empire. However, now that they are reaching old age, they’ve decided to retire. As they’re talking about their retirement plans, an actor overhears their conversation and mistakes their intentions for a plot to kill several men.

The actor decides he has to intervene and gets caught up in a spiral of crime, high-speed car chases and other misadventures. This is McCallum’s debut novel and it was published in 2016.

What Made David McCallum Decide To Write A Book?

Just like honing his acting craft, David McCallum spent years developing “Once a Crooked Man.” During an interview in 2016, he shared what it was like to become an author.

“I sat down about fourteen years ago and decided to teach myself how to write,” said McCallum. “I would write a couple of pages and then chuck them away and I kept on writing stuff, putting it away, writing stuff, putting it away. And eventually, I finished a book to a certain extent, but by the time I`d finished it, a lot of it was very old fashioned and not really up to date.

After spending some time away from the book, McCallum said that he returned to it in 2013.

“Three years ago I decided it was a shame to just leave it lying about. I`d had too much fun doing it. So, purely for pleasure, I finished it,” he added.

Then, McCallum sent the book to one of his friends and his friend ended up publishing the book!

“I showed it to a wonderful man in New York by the name of Will who decided to publish it! So, that’s how it came about,” said McCallum. “I never sat down to write a novel, it just grew out of my brain over many years.”

Will The ‘NCIS’ Star Write Another Book?

During the same interview, David McCallum joked that his family makes fun of him for defying retirement and publishing a book at almost eighty years old.

“My family makes fun of me, asking what the hell I`m up to now; to have a published novel at my age and suddenly start a new career,” said McCallum.

He added that many people want to know if there’s a second book in the making.

“Because of course when you write a book, everyone wants you to write another one,” he added. “At eighty-two it`s quite ridiculous.”