‘NCIS’: Examining the ‘Worst Crimes’ Each Major Cast Member Committed Throughout Series

by Matthew Wilson

For 18 seasons, fans have watched the “NCIS” team take on some pretty bad people. But could Leroy Gibbs and the gang actually be villains? Well, no, probably not. But no character is without sin, and most of the team has bent the law at times.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So what are some of the worst crimes the NCIS team has committed in their pursuit for justice? Well, one Reddit user decided to pile the list of all their reported crimes on the show. And it’s a pretty long list, at least in regard to the series veterans.

Let’s start with the head honcho himself – Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs. The NCIS commander always tried to live by a certain list of rules and expected his team to do the same. But apparently, thou shall not kill didn’t make his list. Back in Season Three, Gibbs murdered Pedro Hernandez on the show.

But most fans didn’t hold that against the NCIS commander. Pedro killed Gibbs’ wife and daughter, and he wanted revenge for their deaths. Still, Gibbs went off book to settle his personal vendetta. Additionally, Gibbs has let his temper flare on the show. He’s physically assaulted other characters in his pursuit of justice. During Season 18, Gibbs gets suspended after attacking an animal abuser.

And that’s not even talking about Gibbs dealing in classified information, something the entire NCIS team can be guilty of.

‘NCIS’ Characters’ Other Crimes

Looking at the other NCIS members, both Timothy McGee and Abby Sciuto could face some jail time as well. In their case, both characters have hacked into government entities such as the CIA and Pentagon to view classified material. Sure, they used that information to save lives. But the law is usually black and white when it comes to espionage and cybercrime offenses.

Likewise, Abby wasn’t even a federal agent, unlike McGee. So her sentence may have been worst if the two were ever tried.

Meanwhile, fan-favorite Ziva David hardly has a squeaky clean image herself. In fact, the Reddit user seemed annoyed that “NCIS” didn’t make Ziva atone for some of her bad behavior. They wrote: “She’s committed a ton of crimes too. Annoyingly with her, some of her really bad crimes are committed openly and people just seem to not give a s–t – at least with Gibbs, there’s this whole plot of covering up the murder he committed. Ziva would be up on tons of espionage charges and has probably earned herself a nice long trip to Gitmo. In addition, she would be getting a ton of tickets for driving dangerously.”

“NCIS” golden boy Tony DiNozzo is probably the most squeaky clean of the original crew. Sure, he’s killed a man, but many argued he acted in self-defense. His other crimes amount to a few breaking and entering and a minor assault every now and then. While the NCIS may be the “heroes” of the show, they don’t always play by the book.