‘NCIS’: Explosive New Theory Suggests Major Character ‘Knew’ Gibbs Killed Key Suspect

by Anna Dunn

NCIS is on hiatus this summer. This makes it the perfect season for fan theories. One theory suggests a key character knew that Agent Gibbs killed the main suspect in a case.

One fan noted a serious inconsistency in season 16 episode 22. In that episode, Gibbs admits that he killed Pedro Hernandez 20 years earlier. Hernandez was responsible for the brutal murder of Gibbs’ wife and daughter.

The character who likely knew about it? McGee. The character, played by Sean Murray, is a crucial part of the NCIS team. Either writer’s missed the fact that McGee should have known, or made things murky on purpose.

Fans Think McGee Knew About The Killing The Whole Time

“The thing that has always bothered me is McGee acts surprise like he didn’t know this already when he clearly did,” a fan said.  “Number one he was around when Gibbs was kidnapped by Hernandez’s daughter and son.”

Another moment that the fan found suspicious is when Gibbs and McGee have to talk about Hernandez’s death.

“Tony and McGee then look at each other and tell her that he died soon after, implying that they both knew what happened but didn’t want to tell her. Maybe this is the first time McGee has heard Gibbs say it himself but it’s definitely not the first time he’s had to confront the issue,” the fan wrote.

Many fans agreed with this theory, some of them even said they always thought they had missed something when watching that episode. Others don’t think McGee acting surprised when Gibbs admits to killing him is a plot hole at all.

“I always took that to be McGee acting like it was news to him for the sake of plausible deniability, the more he admits to knowing about Gibbs’ vigilante activity the more problematic it is for his own career and freedom,” one fan countered.

Whatever the case may be, it’s interesting to consider that McGee knew about what happened, or at least strongly suspected it.

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Finds Gibbs Taking A Backseat

Fans fell in love with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in 2003 when NCIS first aired (Or maybe even before that on JAG), but sadly, the character may not be around for much longer. Actor Mark Harmon is reportedly taking a step back. He’ll only appear in a few episodes in the season. If there’s a season 20, he probably won’t come back.

The casting choices for this season also indicate an upcoming departure both Katrina Law and Gary Cole have been added to the cast for full-time parts. This indicates that more people have to be added in to make up for Harmon’s lack of presence. Of course, Emily Wickersham also left this year, making the two additions make sense.

Regardless of what happens, season 19 will likely be one to keep an eye on. It airs on Monday, September 20th on CBS.