‘NCIS’ Fan Lays Out Major Rant Explaining Why Characters Should Never ‘Trust’ Ziva

by Jacklyn Krol
Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Why wouldn’t NCIS characters trust Ziva David? One fan made a decent case.

Reddit user @azulamazing created an entire thread dedicated to her belief that Ziva could be perceived as untrustworthy. The post has a 78% upvote among other users. The user wanted to be clear that she isn’t talking about Ziva as the NCIS character we all love, but how she is perceived and the “whole concept of trust.”

Ziva came into the show already being perceived as a threat. The NCIS team member Kate died after being killed by a terrorist, the one that Ziva trained. They later discovered that it was in fact her brother, who she later killed.

Because she killed her brother in the name of justice, the author noted that she is a poor judge of character and a “very poor handler if her charge stepped out to that degree.” They added that it was suspect that she was added as “Mossad liaison” with Gibbs out of the decision-making process. They noted that the CIA would have first dibs when it comes to operatives as the NAVY didn’t seem to have as much use for Al Qaeda intelligence.

The most noteworthy aspect about having Ziva on the team is the fact that you have to be a United States citizen to become an NCIS agent along with special clearance. With her past work, it is unlikely she would have gotten the clearance.

“And they’re just… letting a foreign operative in on all this? For what purpose? What benefit does Mossad get from the job Ziva is doing on the books? When does she ever ‘liaise’?” the fan questioned.

‘NCIS’ Ziva and Her Sketchy Background

Ziva slept with a Mossad officer who killed an American agent and proceeds to lie about it to NCIS. The man even kills more and tries to kill DiNozzo. He was ordered to leave the country but refused and camped out at Ziva’s place. She later even attacks DiNozzo and threatens to kill him by holding a gun to his chest. Additionally, she threatened Gibbs by saying she will leave if she doesn’t “get rid” of her former work colleague.

“Why on earth would you ever trust her after so many deeply suspicious things?”

All in all, most would agree that she wouldn’t ever get the clearance and there is no real reason why she should be on the team, to begin with. As the author notes, it is a fun storyline but unrealistic. She ended the piece with wise words from a legendary NCIS character.

“Considering her less than conspicuous background, it’s amazing she ever had your trust,” Ducky told Gibbs.