‘NCIS’ Fan Ranks All 18 Seasons Based on Storylines in Epic List

by Megan Molseed

Over the last eighteen seasons the characters on the hit series “NCIS,” have gone through a lot. From deadly stand-offs, kidnappings, shootouts, explosions, and so, so much more, each season of the hit CBS detective drama offers its own favorite moments.

Because of this, any “NCIS” watchers may say it’s impossible to pick a favorite episode; much less a favorite season as a whole. However, one Redditor recently did just that.

The recent post to Reddit started out saying that the writer had just finished the most recent season of the hit series.

However, the Redditor notes, the season eighteen finale was not one of their favorites.

Was the “NCIS” Finale Rushed?

“I just finished season 18 of NCIS!” the Redditor exclaimed in the post that was written earlier this week. The poster noted that the finale episode felt “rushed.”

“Honestly the ending with Bishop and Torres was so rushed I would have been happier if they never addressed it at all compared to the way it ended,” the Redditor said.

While the most recent finale wasn’t the OP’s favorite of the show’s eighteen-year run, they did say they are excited to revisit some favorite episodes. In fact, the Redditor even went ahead and listed what they believed to be the best and worst seasons of “NCIS” since the start.

“Now that I’ve seen the whole show I ranked all of the seasons,” the “NCIS” fan wrote, adding that the list is based on the entire seasons of the series – including individual storylines; rather than a ranking of each season’s main storyline.

For this “NCIS” fan, season fourteen ranks at the bottom of the list. Season eighteen followers right behind; ranking in as the seventeenth best season of “NCIS’s” eighteen seasons.

The fan decided that the ninth season of “NCIS” is the best. Seasons eight, ten, five, and six round out the top five at numbers two, three, four, and five respectively.

Season Nine Seems to Be a Fan-Favorite

Now, the OP did not give us reasons behind how they came up with the rankings of this list. Except for a few comments about season eighteen.

However, many seem to agree with this Redditor’s list. The ninth season of “NCIS” received a rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, three of the season’s episodes found their way onto another list. According to IMDB, the “NCIS” season nine episodes, “Playing With Fire,” “Up In Smoke,” and “Till Death Do Us Part” earned spots on its list of top 25 “NCIS” episodes.

The Redditor’s list puts seasons fourteen, eighteen, fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen in the bottom five of the all-time best “NCIS” seasons so far. Seasons eleven, thirteen, and twelve ranked at numbers eleven, twelve, and thirteen respectively.

The top ten seasons, according to the Reddit post, are (from number one to number ten) seasons nine, eight, ten, five, six, seven, four, two, and one, and three.