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‘NCIS’ Fans Notice Abby Sciuto’s Outfits Featured a Major Plot Hole

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Jace Downs/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

After 19 seasons airing on CBS, “NCIS” fans have a lot to love about the hit show. Now, fans work to navigate and embrace the show’s newest cast following the heartbreaking departure of “NCIS” staple Mark Harmon. Still others have turned to earlier seasons to follow along with the beloved character’s adventures. Those early episodes also feature former cast member Pauley Perrette, who previously played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto.

Many have wondered whether Abby’s unique style at “NCIS” would have been acceptable in a government position. Simply put, according to Express, the forensic scientist’s wardrobe would definitely cause conflict.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the “NCIS” dress code.

One fan inquired whether Abby’s style would be acceptable “for a real-world forensics role in government.” In response, another pointed out the topic had previously been covered in an early “NCIS” episode.

In season three saw the “NCIS” team shocked to find Abby wearing classic business attire. When Gibbs inquires about the wardrobe change, she says NCIS’s “admin weenies” said her regular clothing was a violation of the agency’s dress code.

Unfortunately, they would be correct. An additional Redditor, having worked for the government under “Defense Intelligence” explained the reality of Abby’s wardrobe.

The “NCIS” fan wrote, “I can tell you her clothing would not be acceptable in most offices. Regardless if you are a contractor or government employee, each organization and their offices have dress codes to follow.”

However, sad, unfortunately, Abby’s gothic wardrobe is one of the major fictional aspects of the “NCIS” procedural.

‘NCIS’ Plays ‘Who Wore It Better?’

While on the topic of wardrobe, “NCIS” stars have donned the same basic uniform at crime scenes season after season. Consisting of a black wind breaker with “NCIS” stamped across the back, and matching ball cap, every character to have come and gone has donned the attire.

This season, producers and showrunners have seen an entire shake-up in cast. In a way to potentially familiarize fans with the new team, “NCIS” took to Twitter to play their own version of “Who wore it better?”

The game has featured in pop culture magazines for decades. However here at Outsider, we much prefer the “NCIS” version. The post features a collage of current team members Alden Parker, Timothy McGee, Nick Torres, and Jessica Knight. Alongside each other, it may be difficult to pick which of the character’s wore the iconic uniform best.

Ultimately, “NCIS” fans were left debating between McGee and Torres. Though many other fans threw it back to the hit show’s dream team. That is, when Agent Tony DiNozzo and Officer Ziva David were still involved.

And of course, we can’t forget Gibbs. Practically serving as “NCIS’s” mascot, many fans expressed their love for the character. Others became hostile in regards to new team leader, Alden Parker. Played by popular actor Gary Cole, several fans commended the character’s efforts to fill the enormous shoes of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Meanwhile others not only slandered his wardrobe, but also his role as “NCIS” team leader and as a cast member overall.