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‘NCIS’ Fans Are Against These Characters’ Relationship

by Quentin Blount
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NCIS fans are like social media detectives. And they were back at it once again on Thursday morning on the popular forum Reddit. This time around, they are talking about the romantic relationship between Special Agents, Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres.

In a post on Reddit titled, “Ellie + Nick,” user u/OkGuitar3773 explained how they didn’t think the relationship between the agents worked very well.

“Not that I was ever against them nonetheless, I never got the sense she felt the same way he did about her. I know she cared for him and I mean would do anything for him because he’s her partner. Of course, they are close. They spend too much time together not to be close. I just don’t get the feeling she was in love with him,” the OP stated. “I”m sure she loved him in a best friend type of way but I can’t bring myself to believe she has any romantic feelings for him. Unless I’m missing something.”

For those at home who may be wondering, Ellie and Nick were the newest additions to Gibb’s team following the departures of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo.

Other ‘NCIS’ Fans Respond to Reddit Question

So many people out there are invested in the NCIS storylines. As a result, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that fans are debating on which characters’ relationships they like and which they don’t. It turns out that the relationship between Nick and Ellie is a no-go.

“I liked the character of Ellie Bishop as it originally debuted. Analytical, quirky, and intrigued by puzzles,” another person replied. “Sadly, they never developed that side of her much further and she became a rather non-descript type of character. Was not the fault of the actress. It was the fault of the writing for her. She never totally fit with Nick in my honest opinion because of the lack of development of her character.”

” I hate couple Torres/Bishop. I like the friendship,” a fellow Redditor added. They were referring to the fact that Nick and Ellie originally begin as friends, coworkers, and teammates. They always looked out for each other. But in Season 15, the two go undercover as a criminal couple and they became even closer. They even started to develop romantic feelings.

“She appeared jealous when he had a date then she went for his date’s son. In addition to that, we sensed something when they almost kissed after being trapped in that cell. You could tell that she was worried about him too when his father returned.”

And finally, another fan admitted the following: “The whole relationship was stupid. They had zero chemistry together, Ellie had just gotten divorced and was in no shape to be dating. Elle was training to be a spy? (X to doubt) so wouldn’t have started a new relationship, and finally, Gibbs would never allow it, nor would NCIS. The writers were trying for another Tony + Ziva but it was so cringy.”