‘NCIS’: Fans Are Split Over Torres, Call Him Poor ‘Replacement’ For Tony DiNozzo

by Suzanne Halliburton

The last NCIS scene between Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop hit us all in the feels.

Yes, the two did have feelings for each other. If given the choice of will they or won’t they, the answer was definitely will. But there’s a hitch, so they won’t. Bishop was taking off for a deep undercover assignment, probably with the CIA. Her NCIS career was destroyed, by her own hand, and Torres figured it all out. Even with all those bottled-up feelings, it was too late to change her mind.

They shared a kiss and then Bishop left.

And still, NCIS fans are split over whether they really like Nick Torres, the former undercover agent played by Wilmer Valderrama. Torres has been a part of the NCIS crew since season 14. His cover was blown, so he joined Gibbs’ office. Torres’ tactics are a bit unconventional, basically because you need to break rules to survive as an undercover agent.

Valderrama replaced Michael Weatherly in the NCIS cast. That was a tough ask. Weatherly played Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, the wise-cracking, sometimes obnoxious ladies man and former police detective. He was an original cast member and very popular with fans.  DiNozzo left the show at the end of season 13 when he learned he has a daughter with former agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). In reality, Weatherly became the star of the new CBS show, Bull.

So Why Isn’t ‘NCIS’ Feeling Torres?

There’s a Reddit thread entitled “I feel sad for Torres.” And the first post talks of how difficult it’s been for Torres to replace DiNozzo.

“I was never a fan of Torres and Bishop,” wrote ptazdba. “The writers were trying too hard to make it Tony/Ziva 2.0. They just didn’t have good chemistry IMHO. Torres needs someone feisty.”

Powerful_Lynx_4737 posted: “I feel bad for Torres. He’s one of my favorites. I liked Bishop in the first season she was on, not so much after that. I feel like she’s been teasing him for like the last season or so and then starts a relationship with him. He falls in love and now she’s gone. I’m more pissed for Torres. He’s been saying he wants a family and she just wasted his time.”

There was another thread devoted to Torres. Reddit users were debating this Torres opinion for four months. User Trick_Oil_9966 is so much of an NCIS fan that he/she has the theme song as his/her ringtone. TrickOil wrote:

“I definitely have seen my fair share of great and bad characters for the series. However I was really wanting to know what it is about Torres that gets everyone riled up. I’ve heard people hate him and even call him a douche but not sure why. I’ve always thought Torres … had an acquired taste … seeing his introduction from undercover spy to field agent. But I also like his chemistry with everyone on screen.”

No doubt, with Wickersham departing NCIS, Valderrama will play a more prominent role. Fans can spend a summer deciding to like or dislike him.