‘NCIS’ Fans Are Tired of One Recurring Aspect of the Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are getting tired of one recurring aspect of the show. The series, which has become the world’s top-rated scripted drama and has generated three spinoff series since its release, has been on the air for almost two decades. In that time, some fans have noticed a pattern that they’re bored with.

In a recent Reddit thread, one fan pointed out how tired they are of the flashbacks. The fan aptly titled the thread, “Enough With The Flashbacks!!!!! (Rant).”

“I have invested 11 seasons this far and am about sick of every episode based on history or having flashbacks!! When do we just get a crime, an investigation, and a [solution] already!!!! Once or twice is fine but almost every darn episode now!! Does it ever stop??” the fan wrote.

Thankfully, for this fan, as the show begins to approach its 19th season, it looks like flashbacks and history episodes aren’t used as much as they were in the mid-part of the series. One fan assured them of this.

“I have mostly watched recent seasons and I can think of one episode that was mainly flashbacks. I have seen some that flashback to a scene or two. To me, it isn’t bad and helps you recall things. I mean even shows like Friends have retrospective episodes,” the other fan wrote.

While one fan agreed that the flashback episodes are annoying, two others countered it, saying the flashbacks really aren’t that bad. Wherever you fall, the flashback episodes seem to be more of a thing of the past. And moving forward, there seems to be plenty of present-day action to count on.

A Trailer for Season 19 Shows the ‘NCIS’ Team on the Hunt for Gibbs

A new teaser that dropped for season 19 of the hit series shows the NCIS team on the hunt for Gibbs after the nail-biting events of the season 18 finale. In the finale, Gibbs, who was on leave from the squad, was hunting down a serial killer with investigative journalist Marcie Warren when his boat exploded. While it looked like there was no way he could have survived, the last shot of the finale showed the beloved character swimming away from the scene.

It appears more and more like Gibbs may be presumed dead, but it doesn’t appear that the team at NCIS is giving up hope, with Sean Murray’s Tim McGee ominously saying “this isn’t how it ends.”

Season 19 will also see the addition of two new characters. Jessica Knight will become a full-time character. The agent made an appearance in the final episodes of season 19. And actor Gary Cole is joining the cast as the mysterious Special Agent Alden Park.

And the best news yet: the wait is almost over. We’re mere days away from the season premiere of NCIS. It airs on Monday, September 20th on CBS.