‘NCIS’ Fans Believe the Team Fails to Follow One of Gibbs’ Golden Rules

by Brandi Stillings

Well-versed “NCIS” fans should be familiar with Gibbs’ extensive list of rules, specifically for his team to follow. The veteran agent (played by Mark Harmon) makes it a point to lay down these expectations to both new and existing members. However, in this instance, rules were made to be broken.

Reddit user and “NCIS” enthusiast, who goes by the screenname “awal0n,” brought up a good point. After all of the lectures on his strict rules, the team somehow managed to skip one of the most important. Rule No. 12: “Never date or have a romantic relationship with a co-worker.”

The unfollowed rule appears to be completely avoided in the TV series. Actually, it’s quite obvious to fans who’ve watched any “NCIS” episodes. As OK Daily mentions, the show has famously seen certain pairs turn into something more while on Gibbs’ team. Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), as well as Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Coté de Pablo) are the most prevalent examples.

Nonetheless, eager fans are still waiting for other agents to seal the deal as well. After they shared a kiss a few seasons ago, viewers anticipated the potential romance between agents Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). However, Wickersham left after the conclusion of Season 18.

As the new season 19 approaches, curious “NCIS” fans will continue to wonder what the future might hold for the remaining, single agents. Who else is going to break one of Gibbs’ golden rules?

‘NCIS’ Agent Gibbs’ Important List of Rules

As a former U.S. Marine, Agent Gibbs follows a strict regiment and so should his team. His important list of rules seems to be a bit much at times, especially since it appears to get longer. “NCIS” Executive Producer Shane Brennan gave viewers an unexpected explanation behind Gibbs’ “golden rules.”

“Gibbs lives his life by a set of rules that took root from the first day he met Shannon,” Brennan said, on the Gibbs’ Rules site. “Over time, Gibbs added to the rules. When he joined ‘NCIS,’ Mike Franks told him he didn’t need dozens of different rules to be an agent… just three ‘golden rules.’ And this is why we have double ups on rules #1 and #3. Three of them are Gibbs’ rules; three of them are Mike Franks’ rules. We are still to reveal the double-up on rule #2. And it’s up to the fans to guess which of the rules were Mike Franks’ three golden rules and which were Gibbs’.”

In addition to breaking Rule No. 12, as previously stated, Gibbs’ has also broken his own rules in a few instances. On the Gibbs’ Rules site, it says both Rule No. 3 “Never be unreachable” and No. 6 “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness” were forgotten by the rule maker himself.

Apparently, Gibbs has a habit of leaving his phone behind to avoid calls. Then, he’s apologized on several occasions throughout the series, such as his apology to Franks because of his amnesia.