‘NCIS’ Fans Call Out One of Gibbs’ Love Interest in New Discussion: ‘So Possessive’

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans just had an interesting discussion about one of Gibb’s previous love interests. With almost two decades on TV, NCIS’s main character, Special Agent Gibbs, has dated his fair share of women. One person in particular fans didn’t seem to like.

Many NCIS fans take to re-watching the series during the hiatus months. The finale of NCIS season 18 aired in May, so many have gone back to the early years and watched NCIS back.

One Reddit user started the discussion about Gibb’s ex, Hollis Mann, and other fans quickly followed with their own opinions.

“When she and Gibbs first dated I found her pushy. She wanted Gibbs to be what she wanted, not who he actually was. Six years later she comes back, married but still trying to push him into doing/saying something that SHE wants,” the fan pointed out. This Reddit user was also confused about why Hollis said she came to apologize

“For breaking up? For going on with your life? No, you want to elicit some kind of reaction, a sign of regret. He cared about you, you had a time together, but Gibbs is Gibbs and he is okay with the whole thing. Stop whining, please,” the fan finished.

Some Fans Felt Sorry For Her, While Others Found Her Possessive

NCIS Fans were divided about Holliss Mann’s true intentions, and whether or not she was that kind of person.

“I agree, she was rather needy. I did feel a little sorry for her, though. She was waiting for some reaction but never got it. She really did not understand the man, and never appreciated his appreciation of her,” one fan wrote. The biggest gripe with her comes from the fact that Hollis was always trying to change Gibbs. One fan even described her as “possessive.”

Others say that Gibbs also didn’t open up to her, making it hard for her to get closer to him. However, other fans pointed out that Gibbs barely opens up to anyone.

‘NCIS’ Fans Won’t See Much of Gibbs In Season 19

Whatever fans think of Gibbs and his past relationships, it’ll be strange for anyone familiar with NCIS not to see him as the star of NCIS. But unfortunately, actor Mark Harmon is taking a step back in NCIS season 19. He reportedly wanted to leave altogether, but eventually signed on for another year with minimal appearances.

Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham also left the show, confirming her exit over Instagram. This leaves NCIS fans in a tricky spot, as there won’t be as many familiar faces this season. But the remaining cast could still provide some incredible television.

If you want to catch season 19 of NCIS, it’ll air on Monday, September 20th at 9 p.m. Its brand new spin-off series starring Vanessa Lachey, NCIS: Hawai’i, will premiere right after.