‘NCIS’ Fans Call Out Two Characters’ Level of ‘Seriousness’

by Katie Maloney

Who doesn’t love Tony DiNozzo’s antics on ‘NCIS’?

From the first day he showed up on ‘NCIS’ fans have loved his witty banter and playful shenanigans on the show. Soon after, the character Jimmy Palmer joined in the fun along with Tony. However, some fans are questioning whether the humor is realistic for an agent of Tony’s caliber. Some fans are even annoyed by his and Jimmy’s antics on the show. “NCIS” fans recently debated the topic via a Reddit thread.

“Do you wish that they were more serious lol? When they play around or whatever, I guess with Tony trying to be funny and Jimmy just being happy-go-lucky and awkward, it’s hard to take them seriously at their jobs,” wrote one user. “Sometimes, I thought that they could be annoying. Do you all agree or am I wrong?”

Some fans confirmed the annoyance while others were quick to disagree. One user replied, “Wrong. They may screw around but they still get their work done.”

Are Tony and Jimmy’s Antics Annoying Or Necessary?

Another fan pointed out that the show would be pretty boring if it featured only stuck-up, serious agents.

“Tony’s personality is to be this funny guy, but at the same time, he’s a great agent,” the user replied. “If all the characters were all serious then that would just be boring to watch.”

However, one fan kind of agreed about the antics. But they used a different description. Instead of annoying, they described the two characters as “unnecessarily childish.”

“I did find on the rare occasion that some characters felt unnecessarily childish,” the user wrote. “Like things you’d expect any adult to know or do they immediately go the opposite direction, and suddenly they’re corrected by Gibbs/the director.”

The same user added that they believe the humor is used as a way to make the senior agents look superior.

“I don’t think they’re annoying, but I do find those childish moments to be unnecessary to the plot,” the user wrote. “Like they only wrote them that way to make the seniors look more mature, but the previous or next episode they’re right back to being top quality agents. It happens in a lot of shows.”

Will Michael Weatherly Return To ‘NCIS’?

Unfortunately, actor Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on the show, left “NCIS” in 2016. Although actor Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer on the show, is still with “NCIS”, the antics just aren’t the same without Tony.

However, rumors have started stirring that Weatherly may return to the “NCIS” set. After all, his onscreen wife Ziva David (played by Cote De Pablo) has already returned. We know fans would absolutely love an onscreen reunion between the two characters.