‘NCIS’ Fans ‘Can’t Live Without’ This Former Character

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS. 2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

“NCIS” fans are known for being passionate about their stories and characters, and one fan on Reddit just experienced a pivotal moment on “NCIS.” In a thread titled “Can’t Live Without Her,” one fan lamented finally getting to season 11 where Ziva leaves the NCIS after her dad dies.

“So I just watched Ziva leave NCIS and I know what’s coming all the way up to season 17,” the fan wrote in the original post. “I’m excited to meet Bishop and Wilmer’s character but I kinda wanna just start the series over. I kinda don’t want to watch this show without Ziva and with the Ziva and Tony chemistry.”

Which is understandable; Tony and Ziva had the best chemistry of all the early characters. They played really well off of each other, and that made for a genuine relationship built on friendship.

Other fans chimed in below in the comments. One fan wrote, “It is an evolving story. Not what it once was but yet a story that I love.”

“Ziva was my favorite character and there was definitely a gaping hole after she left,” wrote another fan in a lengthy and poignant comment. “I appreciate the 8 or so episodes that they did give us without a Ziva replacement because we needed time to come to terms with her loss before opening up to a new character. With every other character the replacement came real quick so I think that shows how important Ziva was to the show.”

‘NCIS’ Cast Adores Another Favorite Character

Speaking of favorites, Kasie Hines is another fan and co-star favorite on the show. Wilmer Valderrama explained why he loves Diona Reasonover’s character, saying, “She has her own way of doing things. That’s why I love her character. Because it’s a different element. It’s something different.”

She’s similar to Abby in that way, but the comparisons stop there; they’re two very different characters, but they both march to their own drumbeat.

Reasonover also explained her love and appreciation for her character, stating, “Kasie is really smart and naturally cool. I enjoy playing her. I get the opportunity to play this really smart and brilliant scientist who is dedicated to her job.” Reasonover praised the writing as well, claiming, “It’s all in the writing, you know. I really wish someone would write my real life like that.”

She also explained that her background in comedy helps her bring Kasie Hines to life. “Comedy gets people to unite and Kasie even with her one-liners bring life to everyone around her,” Reasonover said. Kasie is a delightful character, and Diona Reasonover is a delightful actor; the character jumps off the screen thanks to her portrayal. It’s always the forensic scientists who are the coolest characters, isn’t it?