‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Which ‘2 Characters’ Are Crucial to Keeping Them Invested in Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are debating which 2 characters are crucial to keeping them invested in the hit series. NCIS has been on TV for almost two decades, and many beloved cast members have come and gone, taking their characters with them. Now, the series looks way different from how it did with its original cast back in 2003. With Tony, Ziva and Abby all gone, some fans have found it hard to keep pushing through.

Though the show is still the top-rated scripted drama in the world, that could easily change if too many people in the cast decide to jump ship. A recent Reddit thread discussed which characters are crucial to the success of the show.

“Who are 2 characters that would make you stop watching if they died?” one fan asked in a thread. “Mine are Gibbs and Fornell.

Both Gibbs and Fornell will be on season 19 of NCIS, but things are getting complicated for Gibbs actor Mark Harmon, who was rumored to want to leave the show in a shocking report made by The Hollywood Reporter.

Many ‘NCIS’ Fans Agreed on One Specific Character

Overwhelmingly, Fans agreed Gibbs was the top character they needed to make the show work.

“Most of the characters i liked left the show but if i had to choose id say Gibbs and Mcgee,” one fan wrote.

“Gibbs. And Gibbs,” another fan wrote.

Though one fan said their favorites are actually Jimmy and McGee, every other fan included Gibbs in their two.

This is perhaps why CBS was reportedly so unhappy when Mark Harmon announced his plans to leave the show after season 18. According to that report by The Hollywood Reporter, the network said that they would cancel the show without him on it, prompting Harmon to stay for another year.

Season 19 Will See a Major Change in Cast

Whether or not season 19 will be his last is impossible to say, but it’s definitely a distinct possibility.

“We take it year by year with Mark,” President of Scripted Entertainment at CBS told Deadline. “We’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here.”

NCIS also seems to struggle with its new characters staying on board. Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham left the show after the season 18 finale. She took to Instagram to say a final goodbye to fans before moving in a different direction with her life.

And while Harmon will appear in season 19, it’ll only be in a small handful of episodes, so there’s a lot the show has to juggle with next year. To counteract the losses, CBS has hired two new actors, Katrina Law and Gary Cole to join the show as regulars. It’ll be Gary Cole’s first time on the show, but Katrina Law made her first appearance as Special Agent Jessica Knight in the final few episodes of season 18.

You won’t have to wait long to see Mark Harmon along with the rest of the current cast. NCIS comes back on Monday, September 20th.