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‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Their Favorite Actresses on the Show

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Eric McCandless/CBS 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In “NCIS” news, there’s some hot debate over on Reddit regarding a poll of favorite female characters on the show. The problem fans are having, is the poll only features Ziva David, Kate Todd, Jenny Shepard, and–get this–Jeanne Benoit. If you go all the back to season 4, Benoit was the daughter of French arms dealer Rene Benoit, who Tony was tasked with taking down undercover. Jeanne and Tony briefly dated, only for her to disappear and give him an ultimatum: her, or the NCIS.

Safe to say, I’ve never really met anyone whose favorite character is Jeanne Benoit. “NCIS” fans are upset with the fact that Jeanne was listed over Abby, Jessica Knight, Ellie Bishop, or Kasie Hines.

“I’m going to assume that you only just recently finished season 4 and don’t know who Ellie is yet,” one commenter wrote. “Still, listing Jeanne over Abby?”

Another fan was a little harsher in their judgment of the choices. “Jeanne is like stale white bread and I wouldn’t call her equal story wise to anyone else on the list,” they wrote.

“Jeanne? I would have put Diane Gibbs-Fornell-Sterling on the list before her, and Bishop, and Col. Mann. [A]nd probably a few more that I am forgetting,” wrote another.

So, there’s not quite an outpouring of love for Jeanne Benoit. She wasn’t the greatest character ever on “NCIS”; she honestly was a little bland and stale, and a lot of fans were happy to see her arc end. Tony was apparently really in love with her, though, even though he was undercover and had to lie to her about his entire everything. Just another bump in the road that leads to Tony and Ziva together, I guess.

‘NCIS’: Brian Deitzen Celebrates Palmer and Kasie With Friendship Tweet

While CBS was gearing up to air “One Last Time” with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, the network took to Twitter to celebrate friendships. “We love any opportunity to celebrate friendship,” the tweet read. “Before #OneLastTime airs tonight, tell us your favorite CBS friendship!”

The official “NCIS” Twitter was quick to respond with a gif of Kasie Hines and Jimmy Palmer in the diner. Brian Deitzen joined in after “NCIS” posted, retweeting and adding his own comment to the post.

“LOVE this onscreen duo with @DionaReasonover!” he wrote. Diona Reasonover’s other co-stars have often shared love for her character; Wilmer Valderrama said of Kasie, “She has her own way of doing things. That’s why I love her character. Because it’s a different element. It’s something different.”

Diona Reasonover has praised the “NCIS” writers for making her character so lovable. “It’s all in the writing, you know. I really wish someone would write my real life like that,” she said.