‘NCIS’ Fans Debate the Meaning Behind ‘Vengeful’ Deaths

by Anna Dunn

During the NCIS hiatus, fans got into a debate about the meaning behind vengeful deaths on the show. Fans specifically focused on what a certain death means for Ziva David and her relationships. Actress Cote De Pablo abruptly left the series after season 10. Her character, Ziva, got “killed” overseas, but that wasn’t actually the case.

Ziva returned in the season 16 finale and stayed for the opening episodes in season 17. It shocked fans and the characters alike. But before finding out her death was faked, many of the main characters were out for vengeance.

One Reddit Fan Brought Up the Interesting Nature of Trent Cort’s Death

One fan brought up Trent Cort’s death on Reddit.

“Every time a major villain kills a main character it’s always the person they mattered to the most who avenges their death. Gibbs killing Cobb for Mike Franks, Ziva killing Bodnar for Eli David, Bishop killing Chen for Qasim, Fornell killing Sergei for Diane, and so on,” the fan wrote. But when it came to Ziva’s death, things were different.

“When Ziva was presumed dead and they found out that Trent Kort was her killer you’d think that Tony would get him or maybe even Gibbs, but everyone fires for Ziva,” they pointed out. “For Ziva’s death everybody got a shot it and I think that’s symbolic as to how important she was to the whole team.”

Another fan thought differently.

“Actually, if you look closely, you’ll see that the team let Tony take the first shot before unloading into him,” they said. But the fan also recognized that it was, in fact, a team effort.

“But when it came to one of the team itself, it’s clear they are more than a team, they were a family […]. Hence, nobody could let this one go to one person.”

Whatever you think of those vengeful deaths, it’s clear that Ziva was a vital part to the team.

‘NCIS’ Production Went to Great Lengths to Keep Ziva’s Return a Secret

Considering how beloved Ziva was by fans, it was hard to keep Cote De Pablo’s return to set a secret. But production did their absolute best and they managed to pull it off. Even when she was driven to the set at midnight in a tinted car, people were careful. Producers told her to duck as she got close to the set. She used a secret studio entrance and got hourly calls about when production needed her on set.

Cote De Pablo felt nervous to return after so long, but production welcomed her back with open arms. Her character left the show again in good shape, going to France to reunite with her family. So who knows? Maybe she’ll come back next year.

NCIS season 19 airs on Monday, September 20th on CBS. After NCIS, the brand new spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i will premiere.