‘NCIS’ Fans Debate the Show’s Funniest Moments 

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

NCIS is first and foremost a drama series; but while the show is heavy on the realism, mystery, and murder, it also loves to ramp up the comedy. It’s one of the funnier cop procedurals out there, with the DiNozzo/McGee character dynamic providing excellent quips and pranks; Gibbs’ dry, deadpan humor; or Ducky’s surprisingly sick burns.

Fans took to Reddit recently to debate their favorite funny moments from NCIS; some were more general, while others mentioned specific moments, but one thing is for certain: they’re all funny, and they still hold up today.

‘NCIS’ Tackles Technology and Sensitivity Training

Reddit user Classic-Bowl-9940 commented their favorite moment in NCIS as “everytime [sic] Gibbs gets stumped with technology.” They went on to explain a few examples, like when “he [Gibbs] tried to find QR code in a painting with his flip phone camera.” This moment occurred in season 16 episode 7, “A Thousand Words.” The commenter also mentions “when he had to go undercover as an IT expert,” which happened in season 12 episode 16, “Blast from the Past.” Why anyone would allow Gibbs to go undercover as an IT guy is beyond me.

User pikachu-atlanta mentioned the team at sensitivity training as one of their favorite moments; the scene comes from season 4 episode 11, “Driven.” The team must attend a sensitivity and sexual harassment training, which, despite its dour subject, has some of the funniest interactions in all of NCIS. First, Abby asks if her hugs offend her coworkers; next, when the presenter is discussing inappropriate behavior, Ziva licks DiNozzo’s neck, causing him to bolt out of his chair; then, when confronted by the presenter, DiNozzo asks if slapping someone on the back of the head (like Gibbs does to him and McGee) is considered inappropriate touching, demonstrating on McGee which earns him a hit to the stomach.

The Reddit user’s favorite moment, however, comes from Jimmy Palmer, who asks “what if your job includes touching naked people?” When the presenter tells him he shouldn’t be touching naked people at all, Jimmy says, “Even if they’re dead?” He then has to explain that he works in autopsy, and the presenter gets visibly exasperated with everyone in the room. Comedy gold.

‘Bamboozling’ DiNozzo and Ducky’s Sick Burn

Reddit user Sensitive_Suspect_69 commented that their favorite moments are “Every time DiNozzo is uncomfortable, bamboozled or someone puts one over him”. McGee has played a few pranks on DiNozzo over the years, and Ziva used to be great at bamboozling him. He usually acts a little silly when caught off guard, which juxtaposes his cool, suave persona.

User crazyshyfangirl had an enthusiastic comment for one particular scene with Ducky; in season 10 episode 12, “Shiva”; Mossad deputy director Ilan Bodnar demands answers from Ducky, to which Ducky replies, “Take a number.” Bodnar asks, derisively, “Who’s grandfather might you be?” and Ducky replies, “That depends. Who’s your grandmother?” Well, no one ever said Ducky didn’t have a quick wit.