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‘NCIS’ Fans Debate What Qualities a Great Villain Should Have

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” has had some unsavory characters on the show over the nearly 20 years it’s been on television. Most notably Ari Haswari, who killed Kate Todd, and most recently Paul Lemere, a serial killer who turned out to be a hitman.

The big villains are nasty, heartless, and all-around bad, which is what you want when you’re creating a villain. But there are some traits about “NCIS” villains that fans love more than others. Fans took to Reddit to discuss those qualities.

On fan started the conversation by stating that they like that “NCIS” villains don’t last for very long. “Most villains last for maybe a season to season and a half at the most. Shows like ‘Bones’ and ‘Castle’ drag on these seemingly impossible to stop villains endlessly for years,” they wrote.

Ari was probably the closest thing to invincible, and it did take the team a while to track down Alejandro Rivera from the Reynosa Cartel. But they were still believable villains; they were just tough enough to give the team a challenge, but just vulnerable enough to eventually succumb to the law.

Another fan disagreed about the long-running villains, writing, “Sometimes having a long-running big bad isn’t a bad thing. It felt like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ lost something once Wo Fat died.” But someone else had a follow-up to that point, writing, “Having a long riding big bad isn’t a bad thing if it’s done right. When they seem to do impossible things and keep getting away, that’s what bothers me.”

It’s true, the endless chases sometimes get tiresome. “NCIS” plans it right, though, letting the chase go on for just long enough before the team gets their guy. And they always get their guy.

‘NCIS’: McGee in the Hot Seat as He Interrogates His Mother-in-Law

Speaking of villainous acts, interrogating your mother-in-law should be illegal. McGee is finding out a lot more than he probably wanted to about his wife’s mother in the new episode, “Docked.”

Turns out, Judy found a dead body in the sauna on her cruise. Also turns out, she was intimate with the man before his death. Talk about bad luck. The team takes her in for questioning, and McGee is the one to do it. He looks extremely uncomfortable talking to his mother-in-law about her love life, especially when she offers to go into more detail.

“Docked” promises to be the comedic break on “NCIS” that we all need right now. With Gibbs gone and Alden Parker at his desk, we’re all in a bit of a funk. But, when McGee is involved, you know we’re going to make some jokes at his expense, and that should be fun.

Also, it seems like there will be some scenes with his wife, Delilah. Will we finally find out more about why McGee turned down the leadership position?