‘NCIS’ Fans Debate When Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Will Depart Show

by Shelby Scott

The much-anticipated season 19 of “NCIS” premiered earlier this week. Finally, fans got closure seeing Gibbs safely reunited with his dedicated team. However, showrunners have highlighted the much-reduced appearances of beloved Special Agent Gibbs throughout the remainder of the latest season. In response, fans have been concerned about how much longer Gibbs actor Mark Harmon will remain on the show.

And as always, Outsiders can depend on Reddit theorists to provide potential answers to some of our most burning questions. Whether they’re true or not varies, however, discussions help us prepare for a variety of “NCIS” possibilities.

As many of us have come to expect, the debate kicked off with the statement, “I have a feeling [Gibbs’] rejoining the team is only temporary. We know Mark Harmon is confirmed to only be in 6 episodes this season.”

So Begins the Gibbs Debate:

The kickoff post predicts Gibbs will only make appearances in the first few episodes. They add that, once the team catches the serial killer, it’ll wrap up as the iconic character’s final case. They added that Gibbs could potentially run off with the reporter. Additionally, the Redditor predicted that once this current case resolves, McGee takes over as team lead. They also predict Gibbs will make a very brief appearance at the end of the season.

While some “NCIS” fans agreed with certain points, others added valid variations.

One response claimed, “Sounds great except for him with the reporter. Pam Dawber may be perfect for Mark Harmon but Jack Sloane is perfect for Gibbs.”

Others pointed out that the appearance of Harmon’s actual wife on the show, however, might signify the end of his “NCIS” reign. The Redditor further pointed out that Harmon’s son has played young Gibbs several times on “NCIS” and that perhaps the addition of Harmon’s wife suggests a kind of “happily ever after.”

Gibbs Returns with a Vengeance in Latest ‘NCIS’ Trailer

Nevertheless, “NCIS” fans continue to fret about Mark Harmon’s potentially limited time remaining on “NCIS.” Graciously, his character makes a highlight feature in CBS‘s latest sneak peek trailer for next week. And, as always, Gibbs does not disappoint when it came to some major ass-kicking.

You can check out the trailer here, but it’ll only leave you even more impatient for the latest episode of “NCIS.”

The trailer opens when McGee asks Gibbs, “How ya feeling?” And, as is the norm, Gibbs responds, “Why?” Leave it to Torres to bring necessary comedic relief when he responds, “Oh, no reason, just, you got blown up a couple of days ago.”

Following, we catch glimpses of Gibbs taking out…something with what appears to be a pry bar, fighting hand to hand with a perp, and standing over top of the poor fellow with a pistol.

The trailer concludes with a humorous interaction between Gibbs and Vance, but I’ll let you check the rest out for yourself. It’s definitely a must-see.