‘NCIS’ Fans Debate ‘Who Would Win’ in This Epic Showdown

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans have taken to Reddit to debate who would win in a showdown. The creator of the thread posted two separate teams in a scenario, and fans are having fun deciding who would come out victorious. Team one is NCIS’s fan-favorite protagonists. Team two is made up of the “baddest” villains on the show.

The question was posed in a Reddit thread titled “Who Would Win =?”

“Team 2 commit a series of murders and bombings, Team 1 has to figure out who’s in Team 2 and arrest them. “TEAM 1: Gibbs, DiNozzo, Torres, Ziva, McGee TEAM 2: Ari Haswai, Trent Kort, Paul Lemere, Jonathon Cole.”

One fan joked that there was no way the plot would allow team 2 to prosper.

“Team 1 has massive plot armour. Team 1 wins,” the fan wrote.

But even from a logistical standpoint, it really looks like team one has it in the bag.

“Considering all of Team 2 was killed by Team 1, I would say Team 1 by a long shot,” another fan wrote.

Other fans mentioned that if they wanted a good team 2, they’re missing a villain.

“Honestly I am not all that impressed with team 2. Now put Harper Dearing, and Jonas Cobb in place of Kort and Lemere and you have an intriguing battle of wits,” the fan wrote.

So it looks like most fans were very for team one. After all, how can you not be, when members of team one have already taken down the members of team two? But who knows, if the members of team two combined their skills, they could have been a terrifying threat.

Fans Were Bummed there was no New ‘NCIS’ Episode this Week

“NCIS” has been airing consistently on Monday nights since it returned in September. However, the show took a brief hiatus this week. Fans were not having it, confused about why both NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i took breaks. Fans were confused about the reasoning, but shows taking a break for a week or two is pretty common practice.

Sometimes it’s for ratings purposes, other times it’s for production, some times it’s just how the scheduling card falls. At least with impatient fans out there, you know NCIS is doing enough to keep its viewers hooked. With Mark Harmon leaving the series in episode four of season 19, it’s good to know people are impatient for episode six.

Harmon surprised fans with the move, officially leaving the series after being the lead for almost 20 years. Gary Cole, who plays Special Agent Alden Parker, is now a major part of the show. Parker has taken over for Gibbs, and he’s done a pretty good job so far both in the world of the show and according to the viewers.

Impatient fans can let out a breath, however. New episodes of NCIS and NCIS Hawai’i will air on November 1st.