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‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Kate Todd Character During Her Time on the Series

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images)

Well, “NCIS” fans are having an interesting discussion about Kate Todd and the time that she spent on the popular CBS crime drama show.

An entire Reddit string is titled “What I didn’t like about Kate.” Actress Sasha Alexander played Todd on the show.

Redditor Forreal19 starts the “NCIS” comments. The writer says overall that they like her character “but I felt like she was kind of sloppy at times.” Then, the writer says they remember an episode where she and Gibbs posed as recruiters.

The writer says Kate was “so sure the awkward guy who came in was the bad guy she paid no attention to the actual killer who came in and went out.”

They said that it seems like she should have been assessing everyone and everything as a matter of course.

‘NCIS’ Fan Talks About Time Gibbs Sees Bomb Under Bed, Runs With Kate For Safety

Then Forreal19 continues by talking about an “NCIS” episode. They search a cabin and Gibbs sees a bomb under the bed. Then, they run for their lives. The writer says they are behind a car when Kate says Gibbs needs glasses. She says he (Gibbs) didn’t see a bomb “when boom!” The writer said that they get it’s for comedy but it’s also disrespectful to the boss and pretty stupid. “Like Gibbs wouldn’t know a bomb when he sees one? I’d follow Gibbs before Kate any day of the week.”

A Redditor called ptazdba wrote, “Writer’s license IMHO”.

Then another user chimes in, saying, “These were the early days so I think some scenes were meant to demonstrate Gibbs’ skill and leadership qualities.”

The writer says it’s like when Bishop was brought on and adds “they dumbed Gibbs down a lot in one of the scenes.” It is one where Bishop has an idea and the writer says it was done to make her shine. “It was very OOC for Gibbs and off-putting because it was clear what they were trying to do.”

The writer continued and said back then, the “NCIS” team did not have the “staunch hierarchy” as in later seasons.

Commentor Points Out That Kate, Abby Are Female Characters In Male-Oriented Show

Realclowntime writes, “What you need to bear in mind is that Kate and Abby both are female characters in a male-oriented, western crime/action show written in the early 2000s.”

The writer states this makes a “strong female character” into one “unnecessarily b—hy or opinionated because she’s sTRonG.” The writer said these flaws don’t make sense because she can’t be too perfect. “They take every opportunity to showcase how attractive she is.”

The Redditor said Jenny had to deal with “this type of characterization.”

Redditor realclowntime also pointed out she was not attacking any show, writer, or characters in particular. She said that she’s a female writer herself.