‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss What Relationship Tony DiNozzo Had with Kate in the Early Seasons

by Katie Maloney

“NCIS” fans love Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David together. In fact, fans even gave the duo the couple name, “Tiva.” Since Ziva first appeared in season three of “NCIS,” fans have been cheering for the couple’s happily ever after. However, there was another woman in Tony’s life before Ziva arrived on the scene. And that woman was Secret Service Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd. Kate started the show with Tony before abruptly being killed during the season two finale.

However, fans don’t think that Tony and Kate had the same type of chemistry as Tiva. In fact, they claim that the relationship was the complete opposite of romantic. Instead, they think the two shared a sort of brother-sister-type relationship.

“Kate never seemed to find Tony attractive. She was frequently annoyed by him and sometimes showed she cared about him, but I never got the feeling she had the hots for him in any way,” said a fan via an “NCIS” Reddit thread. “Tony seemed to find her attractive in the way he finds all women attractive, and he seemed to care about her, too. So yeah, it seemed more sibling-like than romantic to me.”

Another fan agreed and expanded on exactly what made their relationship similar to siblings.

“…Kate and Tony have an awesome sibling relationship,” they wrote. “I think it’s the bickering? It’s not flirting but just nagging at each other and stuff.”

What Could Have Been For Kate and Tony on ‘NCIS’?

Relationships take time. It usually takes time to build that chemistry-filled connections in real life. And the same concept applies to onscreen romances. They don’t call it romantic “tension” for no reason. Fans love to hate the wait between when two characters meet and when they actually fall in love. In fact, most shows drag the tension out for seasons. So, maybe, that was the “NCIS” writers’ intention all along. Maybe they planned to start Kate and Tony with a platonic friendship. And, maybe, as the seasons progressed, that relationship would have grown into something more. In the same thread, one fan wondered how the relationship would have progressed if Kate had more time on “NCIS.”

 “I would’ve loved to see what they would’ve done if Kate didn’t die and they decided to flesh out their relationship a bit more,” they wrote. “I see everyone saying they did a lot of sibling bickering but remember we only see Kate for a short time with the team before she gets killed off. So, although their relationship may have started off seemingly less flirtatious it could’ve transitioned into something more.”

According to that storyline, what would have happened to Ziva? The fan posed a kind of crazy theory.

“Also, I mentioned this is another thread but I would’ve loved to see if they would’ve went in the Ziva and Mcgee(lol not saying they had undeniable chemistry or anything),” they wrote.

Too bad we’ll never know what could have been in another “NCIS” world.