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‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Who They’d Like To See Replace Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

by John Jamison
(Photo by Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic)

A Gibbs-less “NCIS” is sad to think about. But it is looking more and more like an eventuality as opposed to a possibility. For the better part of the last two decades, Mark Harmon has portrayed the legendary NCIS team leader Leroy Gibbs. Now, with a diminished role, fans are wondering if Harmon is going to leave the hit show for good. They’re faced with a massive question. Who will replace the iconic character?

It’s a more difficult question to answer than one might initially think. Does “NCIS” promote from within and opt for a veteran of the show to replace Gibbs? Or do they outsource and find someone like the new addition Katrina Law to take the team leader spot?

One thing we know is that the fans would prefer it to be someone from the existing team. At least, if it has to happen. “NCIS” fans would happily accept another 20 seasons from Mark Harmon. Though, that would present more than a few challenges of its own.

The team is without an official leader at present, for those who aren’t caught up with the recent events on the show. Gibbs is currently serving a suspension for overstepping when he put a beatdown on a criminal. And with Emily Wickersham now gone, who played Ellie Bishop since 2013, fans of “NCIS” are on a rollercoaster of emotion.

All of that taken into account, fans have narrowed their preferred Gibbs replacements down to a few options. Chief among them is Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee. He is the most natural fit for the role. After all, McGee is the second in command and a senior field agent, his character has been on the team from close to the beginning, and he is a fan-favorite.

What Does the ‘NCIS’ Future Hold for Mark Harmon?

Mark Harmon isn’t gone quite yet. Over the years, Harmon has talked about how he wants to continue doing the show as long as he enjoys getting up and going to work.

And in the upcoming Season 19, we know he is going to be involved to some degree. But according to sources close to the show, he isn’t going to be featured heavily.

Enter Gary Cole and Katrina Law. The new additions to the cast are reportedly joining “NCIS” to help fill the gap left by Mark Harmon’s absence. Welcome as their addition is, the reasons for it are less than exciting for fans of the show.

In May, entertainment chief Kelly Kahl of CBS spoke to Deadline about the prospect of the Leroy Gibbs actor returning in Season 19 and beyond.

“We take it year by year with Mark. We’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here…. We’re happy to work around his schedule,” Kahl said.