‘NCIS’ Fans Furious After Show Disappears from Some Viewers Netflix Accounts

by Suzanne Halliburton

One NCIS fan woke up from a nap and had part of her afternoon ruined. Seems she couldn’t find her favorite show on Netflix.

So she did what any devoted NCIS fan does. He or she writes about it on Reddit and queries the community. Folks there are passionate about the show, which is headed into its 19th season on CBS.

A poster by the name of Paige_Nycol wrote about her Netflix streaming problems with NCIS:

“I watched an episode before I took a nap this afternoon and have been doing this same thing for weeks. After my nap I was going to watch another one but now it seems it is totally gone from Netflix. Just a few hours between when I watched and when I went to watch another and it is gone.”

“I live in the US and don’t use a VPN …wonder why it’s just gone. I did end up subscribing to paramount .. cus i am addicted .. but i hate paying for ANOTHER service .. (And) I already pay for netflix, have prime, hulu, Disney+ … why we have to pay for so many different things…

“I also just noticed other shows missing .. all of the Arrowverse shows (green arrow, supergirl, the flash, etc) .. i am sure there is more i am not seeing too. There must be something going on for all these shows to just disappear suddenly. I was literally watching NCIS just earlier today..”

So, Did NCIS Really Disappear from Netflix?

What in the name of Leroy Jethro Gibbs is going on? Surely, there’s a Gibbs rule in play here. Other Reddit members acknowledged that they’ve heard tales about NCIS mysteriously missing from the streaming service. One Reddit user had a similar issue with Ozark. The user suggested Paige_Nycol log out, then back in. That previously had done the trick.

A check of Netflix Saturday night showed that NCIS very much still was on the popular streaming service. However, there are only 17 seasons available. The recently finished season 18 still isn’t on Netflix, as yet.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the only shows scheduled to leave Netflix this weekend were Mother Goose Club, seasons one and two, and Jericho.

Fellow NCIS fans tried to help Paige_Nycol fix her issues. Think about what Bishop and Torres would do.

One user mused that a conspiracy could be in play: “I keep seeing this posted, but I’m in US and it’s still on. Wonder what is going on. Have the Russians hacked some peoples Netflix and tried to steal Gibbs??”

Horrors! The Russians kidnapping Gibbs? We know that Mark Harmon (Gibbs) wants to cut back on his NCIS time in season 19. But the show just teased to the premiere, which is set for Sept. 20. (Remember, it’s a Monday show now, not Tuesday). And Gibbs was very much in the teaser clip. He’s safe.