‘NCIS’ Fans Go Wild After Series Star Confirms Ducky Mallard’s Return

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans are in a frenzy on social media in preparation for the hit show’s premiere of its 19th season. The premiere, which debuts very soon on Monday, September 20th, promises a host of changes and adjustments in cast members. However, thanks to Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen, fans are wild with excitement knowing the doctor’s mentor and friend, Dr. “Ducky” Mallard returns to the set of “NCIS.”

Dietzen frequently shared excitement for the premiere of “NCIS” season 19 throughout the summer. He previously expressed his gratitude in playing the beloved medical examiner for yet another season of the beloved show.

His most recent post, however, featured beloved actor David McCallum. The senior actor’s appearance brought a wave of relief for “NCIS” fans. The pair’s appearance in Dietzen’s latest post confirmed at least two regular faces will return to the “NCIS” set.

According to Express, however, Dietzen’s post instigated a little surprise as both men appeared in their customary operating blues. While Dr. Jimmy Palmer now leads as the “NCIS” head medical examiner, Dr. Mallard took on a reduced role during season 16 as the team’s resident historian. Further, the outlet highlighted McCallum’s minimal appearances on “NCIS” during last season. The reduced appearances potentially meant the beloved medical examiner also intended to eventually leave the “NCIS” team.

Regardless, McCallum’s appearance in Dietzen’s social media post settled fears about too many new faces in the upcoming season. Fans shared their relief and excitement in the comments below the star’s Instagram post. “Yay! Love Ducky and Jimmy moments,” wrote one “NCIS” fan. Another said, “It’s good to see you two together again, I have missed Ducky.” Haven’t we all?

‘NCIS’ Showrunners Emphasize Season 19 Highlights

While fans expressed major relief in seeing Dr. “Ducky” Mallard feature in Brian Dietzen’s Instagram post, showrunners do their best to soothe “NCIS” fans’ ruffled feathers following the assumed departure of famed Gibbs actor, Mark Harmon.

During a Q&A with TVLine, showrunner Steven D. Binder emphasized the power of speculation and rumor. “A lot of things are reported on this show that aren’t necessarily true,” he told the news outlet. He further pointed out that for the moment, Harmon’s Gibbs is still very much a relevant character on the set of “NCIS.”

However, it does appear showrunners and producers realize the bit of disadvantage they face with Harmon’s reduced appearances. “What we’re trying to focus on right now,” he began, “is telling the best stories we can with the characters we have – and Gibbs is a part of that world.”

Binder didn’t exactly point out which fans and media speculations are true versus the false ones. Regardless, however, fans continue to hope that Harmon has changed his mind about completely exiting the show, and hopefully plans to remain on “NCIS” a little while longer.