‘NCIS’ Fans Go Wild With Excitement as First Look at Season 19 Script Revealed

by Quentin Blount

September 20th can’t come soon enough for NCIS fans — that’s the premiere date for season 19 of the popular military crime show.

That’s right — we will have brand new episodes of NCIS before long. And after the cliffhanger that season 18 ended on, that is welcome news to us all. We won’t give away any spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet, but last season ended with some emotional goodbyes and a crazy season finale. After everything settled down, it didn’t take long for the network to renew the fan-favorite series for another season.

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that fans of NCIS are as excited for the season opener as they have been in quite some time. One of the show’s co-executive producers, Christopher J. Walid, stoked that excitement with a new Twitter post on Thursday. He shared the script page for the first episode of season 19. Of course, there is not a guarantee that this will air as the official premiere episode, but we are all hopeful that it will.

The close-up snap shows that Waild wrote the season-opening episode, while Michael Zinberg is be directing it.

“Day one of Season 19,” Waild wrote on Twitter next to a confidential look at the season 19 script. “So grateful to be back on set with the best cast and crew in the biz. #NCIS”

Even actor Brian Dietzen couldn’t help but share his excitement online. Dietzen plays chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer in the hit show. He replied to Waild’s post saying, “See you soon brother!”

Fans of ‘NCIS’ Go Wild on Social Media Over First Look at Season 19

Being the first “confidential” look at the show’s newest season, fans on social media were rightfully ecstatic. NCIS has millions of fans all over the world, and many of them search social media up and down for the latest news they can find about the show. So, you can imagine the excitement of those who came across a photo of the season 19 script from co-executive producer Christopher Waild.

“Very exciting and very happy for yet another season,” one person said.

However, the comments from excited fans didn’t end there.

“Grateful to have you coming back. Best cast, crew, and writers out there. Can’t wait to see what happens next,” a second fan commented.

But a third fan did bring up a valid point — the writers of the show have multiple story arcs to fill out in the upcoming season.

“Get busy… some real cliffhangers to wrap up!!!” they wrote.

Just make sure you mark your calendars because when NCIS does return, it will be getting moved to Monday nights. The season 19 premiere will air just ahead of the debut of the new NCIS spinoff — NCIS Hawaii.