‘NCIS’ Fans Have Strong Opinions on the ‘Craziest Thing’ Ducky Ever Did on Series

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are taking some time during the hiatus to discuss what they think is the wildest thing Ducky has ever done on the show. Donald Mallard aka Ducky, played by David McCallum, is one of the most recognizable and loved characters from NCIS and has been on the show since the start. Ducky is a (now retired) medical examiner for the NCIS Major Case Response team.

A recent Reddit thread prompted fans of the show to talk about the craziest thing that ducky ever did, and fans had some strong opinions.

“There’s the ep where he and Jimmy are held captive in the woods and they blow up one of the captives with shrapnel in a furnace. They also used the autopsy victims stomach odor as a distraction to buy more time,” one person said. It’s certainly…. innovative, but some fans had other ideas.

“He greeted Gibbs, while Gibbs was in a near-death vision/hallucination of a diner. Everyone was there, but only the dead could be interacted with/spoken to. And Ducky greeted him. Because Ducky talks to the dead,” another fan said.

Ducky’s profession has even leaked over into actor David McCallum’s life. In fact, McCallum’s family calls him “Dr. Death” due to his interest in the subject that started as research for his character. But one fan argued that McCallum’s craziest stunt had nothing to do with his profession.

“Wrestled a python on the same day that he met David Bowie (according to his book he was writing with Kasie’s help),” someone wrote.

Ducky actor David McCallum had to Be Rescued from ‘NCIS’ Fans in Central Park

Whatever your favorite Ducky moment is, it’s safe to say that the character has made an impression. This is so true that David McCallum once had to be rescued by mounted police in Central Park after fans found him shopping at a Macy’s.

“I was rescued from Central Park by mounted police once,” he told The Scotsman. “When I went to Macy’s department store the fans did $25,000 worth of damage and they had to close Herald Square to get me out. That’s pretty classic, but you just have to deal with it. But it’s all part of a wonderful, crazy life.”

David McCallum now has a reduced role on the series. Lead actor Mark Harmon also is taking a backseat, only featuring in a handful of episodes next season. But while NCIS doesn’t look the same as it did in its early years, it’s clearly doing something right. It still remains the most popular scripted drama on broadcast TV in the world.

You can catch season 19 of NCIS on Monday, September 20th. For fans of the show, fall can’t come faster.