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‘NCIS’ Fans Have Ideas on How To Incorporate Gibbs Back into the Show

by Megan Molseed
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There is no doubt that NCIS agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been a fan-favorite since the hit CBS series premiered in 2003.

For eighteen seasons, Mark Harmon’s Gibbs has commanded the NCIS staff in a way only Gibbs can. Prior to his retirement, the NCIS officer had a certain way of being firm with his officers. He maintained this firmness while also showing his agents a level of patience as his team worked hard to solve many unique cases.

So, it certainly isn’t a shocking scenario to see the internet exploring ideas about how Gibbs could make an awesome guest appearance in a future NCIS episode.

One NCIS fan even went into detail describing two scenarios they thought would be a great way to bring the agent back into the series. Even if this appearance would simply be for one episode.

In a recent thread, the Redditor points out that Harmon is in a position where he could very likely tell the NCIS showrunners that he would like to make an appearance from time to time.

The Redditor then goes on to describe to scenarios in which he thought a Gibbs cameo go on NCIS.

A New ‘NCIS’ Team Heads to Alaska

“Background: the team was investigating a crime and leads to send some of team to Alaska,” the Redditor notes, setting the scene of this imagined NCIS episode.

“Gibbs is more “rough” looking with a beard and doesn’t look too much like pre-retirement,” the Redditor continues. “As for the team, McGee is the only one that needs to be still there.”

After setting this scene, the Reddit user who goes by the name amk1982, then breaks down two scenarios in which they think Gibbs could return to NCIS.

“Option 1: two probies (who have never met Gibbs) have to go with McGee but McGee gets delayed for whatever reason,” amk1982 explains. “Once they get to Alaska they begin investigating without McGee.”

The Redditor goes on to say that McGee, who is portrayed by Sean Murray, would likely want to keep an eye on his new agents. So, McGee decides to call in a favor to his former NCIS leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs asking the retired agent to quietly look after his team.

“At some point the two agents get in trouble,” says amk1982. “Gibbs saves them with the rifle he got in the last episode where he retired.”

McGee and Gibbs Reconnect

The poster then imagines a humorous moment when the brand-new officers witness their NCIS team leader greet this mysterious Alaskan man.

“As the agents wrap things up, they see McGee and Gibbs wrap up with a hand shake,” writes amk1982. “Then they hug goodbye.”

Option two follows a similar storyline, only this time Gibbs is hired to drive the new agents around as they work their case. In this scenario, Gibbs overhears much of the investigation but never lets the agents know who he really is.

In this scenario, the Redditor imagines McGee showing up and introducing the officer to his agents. This scenario would end with Gibbs and McGee sharing a nice supper at Gibbs’s Alaskan home.