‘NCIS’ Fans Imagine Ziva and Tony DiNozzo’s Lives After the Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are thinking up their own plotlines during the Summer hiatus. For fans of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo, who are no longer a part of the show, that means coming up with lives for them after their departures.

Ziva and Tony had a tumultuous relationship for years on the hit series. What started as light flirting turned serious later in the show. But in season 13 of the show, Ziva left for Israel, saying goodbye to DiNozzo and the rest of the team. Devastatingly, the team would later learn that Ziva died while in Israel.

For Tony, this was particularly tragic news, because the show dropped another major bombshell: the two had a daughter named Tali. That’s when DiNozzo decided to leave the NCIS team and raise his daughter in Paris.  

However, Ziva returned in a shocking twist for a few episodes in seasons 16 and 17. She ended her arc by deciding to go reunite with DiNozzo and Tali, and fans haven’t seen Ziva on screen since. Besides a brief letter to Jimmy Palmer saying that they are living together, Ziva and Tony have barely been mentioned.

Some Hope DiNozzo Became a Private Investigator

This has left fans to fill in the blanks. Some discussed their lives together on Reddit. One really hopes DiNozzo now works as a private investigator.

“Besides his obvious investigation abilities and operational expertise, he has a borderline con artist charm (sorry Senior, entrepreneur charisma), great undercover skills and, most of all, an undying need to snoop on people. And if things ever go south, he’s a trained agent with a strong moral compass,” one fan said. Though they admitted the “theory” didn’t hold much water.

“I don’t know if it’s mentioned somewhere on the series what he’s doing after leaving the squad because I just began S14, but I’ve decided he became a PI and is happy doing it.”

Another NCIS fan loved the idea and brought Ziva into the mix.

“He had married a certain school teacher (Ziva with a false identity) and recently became a car modeling enthusiast in a not-so-hidden effort to imitate Gibbs without having a cellar large enough to house a fleet,” the fan wrote.

No matter what truly would have happened between the two, it’s nice for fans to picture a “happily ever after.”

‘NCIS’ Returns This Fall

NCIS comes back on Monday, September 20th, 2021 at 9 pm on CBS. The season will pick up where season 18 left off, finding Gibbs in a very precarious spot and Agent Bishop leaving the team. Mark Harmon will only appear in a hand full of episodes, but production is adding new cast members to the team in an effort to negate the losses.

While NCIS season 19 may be different, fans are still really excited to see what’s next.