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‘NCIS’ Fans Just Can’t Get Past This Ellie Bishop Storyline

by Anna Dunn
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: Emily Wickersham attends the 8th Annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade at UCLA Royce Quad on September 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for L.A. Love's Alex's Lemonade)

NCIS season 19 just premiered, but fans still can’t get over Ellie Bishop and her departure last season. There’s one storyline in particular that fans can’t stop thinking about. Agent Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham left the show after many years playing the special Agent.

But the storyline that leads to her departure still has some fans scratching her heads. The season finale essentially saw Agent Bishop in a tricky situation when it’s revealed she “leaked” documents while she worked for the NSA. But she never actually leaked anything, the whole thing was a ruse that allowed her to work undercover as a disgraced agent.

The storyline was brought up in a Reddit Thread by one fan who was still a bit confused about what went down.

“I didn’t quite get the Ellie storyline. Why has she leaked documents? And why has she left NCIS? This storyline was kinda out of the blue. Can someone pls explain?” The fan wrote. While it definitely felt a bit out of the blue to a lot of fans, the other questions do have good explanations. Thankfully, another NCIS fan helped clarify.

Ellie Bishop Left Her NCIS Job to Go Undercover

“After season 16, she starts working with Odette, Ziva’s landlady, and trains for secret ops with her. At the end of season 18, she was going to go on an undercover mission. She didn’t actually leak the documents, Odette planted them at the house. When it was discovered that she ‘leaked’ them, she’d no longer be involved with NCIS, and she’d be able to legitimately play the role of an agent who had been thrown out by the system, allowing her to fit in with criminals and such,” the fan explained.

By the end of season 18, Ellie had shared a parting kiss with Torres and said goodbye, parting ways with the NCIS squad. This new season has gone on without her, with Agent Jessica Knight stepping in full time in Ellie Bishop’s place. Lots of fans are not happy about the amount of cast turnover that’s happened over the past few years. When Emily Wickersham left, it was just another blow.

Now, however, Emily Wickersham clearly has something more important to tend to than the show. The actress is pregnant! She announced her pregnancy earlier this summer, and fans are incredibly happy for her. As far as why she left the show, however, no real reason has really been given.

Some have speculated that Wickersham left due to the pregnancy so she could focus more on her family. Others have wagered that she simply wants to pursue other creative projects. But all that is is speculation.

Even though the absence of Agent Bishop stings a bit, season 19 of NCIS has come back with a bang. If you want to watch season 19, you can tune in to CBS every Monday night.