‘NCIS’ Fans Like the Tension That Parker Brings to the Series

by Jonathan Howard

This season of NCIS has been full of changes and new moments. Mainly the change in leadership from Gibbs to Alden Parker.

The former FBI agent has been fairly well-received by audiences. There are holdouts, of course. And, Gibbs can never be replaced. However, for the most part, Parker has been added and melded with the team. Even early on, there were those that felt that the change was tough, but in some ways made the show better.

NCIS fans are some of the most loyal. That means they can have some of the highest standards in all of TV. They know what they want out of their favorite CBS crime drama. Something that makes the show inherently interesting is the conflict. That sounds obvious, but it is more than just good guy and bad guy. Inter-team conflict, personal issues, and more make the investigations and work more interesting.

Back in the early part of the season, one NCIS fan put it well when talking about the addition of Parker. “For [Season 19], I’d like to see McGee take over as team leader, not Gary Cole’s Parker. A lot of chatter has been negative surrounding his character, but I actually like the tension he brings. It’s interesting. I want Parker to stay, but just not as team leader.”

It has not been easy for fans to say goodbye to Gibbs. This season has been a testament to how dedicated the fans are and how well the writers have kept things moving along. They got it in and out of the way perfectly. It was just this season, but it feels like two seasons ago when Gibbs left.

As this season continues, after the Winter Olympics, NCIS fans are going to get more Parker and more intimate stories.

‘NCIS’ Fans Talk Character Changes Throughout the Years

Surprisingly, there are still folks out there watching NCIS for the first time ever. One fan that is taking things in for the first time, has made it to season 8, according to their post on Reddit. They remarked about characters like Ziva and Tony along with Abby and how much they have changed since the first episode.

Tony for one put on weight and is definitely changed,” the user said. “McGree lost that chubby baby fat already and has faint lines coming up. Palmer starting to look [older] and Abby somehow doesn’t change. Maybe her hair covering half her face (haha).”

That’s one of the reasons why folks love the show so much. Getting to see the same characters for multiple seasons age, change, and develop is great. NCIS does it like no other show out there. That’s why fans keep tuning in and making it one of the most popular shows on television.