‘NCIS’: Fan’s Major Hot Take on Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo Draws Fiery Response

by Matthew Wilson

Hell has no fury like an “NCIS” fan scorned. Viewers came to the defense of Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo after someone posted a major hot take.

On Reddit, one user wasn’t a fan of the “NCIS” character, especially after Season Seven. They created a Reddit thread, with the title “Anthony DiNozzo, the scum.” And well, that went about as well as you would expect. To make matters worse, they posted their hot take on an “NCIS” sub-Reddit where the most die-hard fans discuss the show.

They wrote, “Utterly HATE DiNozzo. I’m in season 7 after he kills Ziva’s bf and everyone acts as if he was in the right and that Ziva owes him everything.”

In Season Seven, Weatherly’s DiNozzo got in a brawl with Michael Rivkin on the show. Rivkin was DiNozzo’s flame Ziva David’s current boyfriend at the time. But he was also a corrupt Mossad Officer, responsible for several deaths. The two fought in Ziva’s apartment when DiNozzo wanted Rivkin to do the right thing.

But the fight turned deadly after Rivkin broke DiNozzo’s arm. He then prepared to kill the NCIS agent with broken glass. Reluctantly, DiNozzo shot Rivkin to stop him from killing him. As a result, the killing created a riff between DiNozzo and Ziva.

‘NCIS’ Fans Rally Behind Tony DiNozzo

Many would argue that Tony DiNozzo acted in self-defense during the episode. In fact, several fans came to DiNozzo’s defense in the post. They argued that the original poster might have misread the situation or wasn’t paying close attention during the episode.

One user wrote, “Wow, that’s so wrong in so many ways… what are you, blind and deaf or do you just not pay attention to the show?”

Another went into a detailed account of how the poster was wrong. They wrote: “Wrong, inaccurate, and incorrect all at the same time. Tony killed Michael in self-defense, kill or be killed. If you pay attention to the storyline, you’d know the relationship was a setup, not real. It’s later confirmed when Ziva confronts Eli (her father). So yes, Tony was in the right for killing Michael and yes Ziva does owe him.”

Even years later, certain key moments from the series can create a heated discussion. But the “NCIS” fandom is a passionate bunch. Tony DiNozzo became a fan favorite on the series, first appearing in the backdoor pilot on “JAG.”

In 2016, Michael Weatherly decided to depart the series. DiNozzo was written off in Season 13, but many fans hope he eventually returns. Currently, DiNozzo and Ziva got back together off-screen and are raising their daughter together happily.