‘NCIS’: Fans Have Major Questions About Cast’s Ability to Carry Show With Mark Harmon Taking Lesser Role

by Katie Maloney

A lot of changes are in the works for the upcoming season of “NCIS.”

Actor Emily Wickersham left the show, so her character Bishop has been written off. And rumors say that actor Mark Harmon, who’s been with the shoe from the beginning, will be featured significantly less during the season as he prepares to wrap up his time with the show. Now, fans are wondering if the show can survive all the changes. And fans did not mince words during their conversation about the potential future of “NCIS”. In a Reddit thread about the show, they talked about whether or not the quality would suffer without mark Harmon there full-time. with minimal appearances by Mark Harmon. They began the thread with “Just not gonna cut it.”

They then continued with how they don’t believe the cast is strong enough to carry “NCIS” without Mark Harmon there full-time.

“I don’t think the current cast could carry the show with Gibbs being in a small number of episodes,” wrote the fan. “I think the old cast that was a lot more quirky could. Back when we had Abby, Ducky and Tony. I think the old days of the funny banter between Tony and McGee could carry it. Not this cast.”

Will ‘NCIS’ Survive Without Mark Harmon There Full-Time?

That fan explained why they feel that the original cast of the show was far more interesting than the current cast.

“Back then you had the Tony and McGee brotherly banter that McGee and Torres don’t have. Plus you had the will they won’t they thing between Tony and Ziva,” they wrote. “And you had two quirky side characters in Ducky and Abby.”

The “NCIS” fans do have a point. There was a somewhat sizzling will-they-won’t they relationship between Torres and Ellie Bishop. However, that will no longer be the case now that Bishop is no longer on the show. So now “NCIS” is also down a relationship-dynamic. Can the show survive without an exciting relationship to follow and without their lead character around full-time?

Another “NCIS” fan agreed that the current cast may struggle. They wrote, “Yeah, back in the Ziva, Tony, McGee days I think it would have still had a chance but now I’m pretty sure it is gonna be even more boring than the last season…Which wasn’t great.”

However, another dedicated fan disagreed. They suggested that anyone who’s upset about the changes on the show simply stop watching. And allow all the happy fans to enjoy “NCIS.”

“…But if so many people hate the show now, why keep watching?” the fan asked. “Or they say the show ‘sucks’ now, yet in their next sentence they say they don’t watch anymore.” 

Whether you’re on board for the changes or not, all “NCIS” fans will simply have to wait for the upcoming season to find out what happens next.