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‘NCIS’ Fans Name Their Favorite ‘Moments to Reach in a Rewatch’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Oh, buddy. After two decades of episodes, how do NCIS fans choose between which episodes are their favorites, though? It seems like such an impossible task for the diehard fans of the show, but it can be done, as folks on Reddit learned.

The original poster got the conversation going on the Reddit thread as they wrote, “I’m going to be honest, I’ve been stuck in a bit of an NCIS rut. I’ve got the NCIS blues if you will. I haven’t seen the latest episodes of NCIS, NCIS Hawaii or LA. I’ve completely stopped my rewatch because I’m currently on the season 5 finale, where a certain emotional event occurs and with Gibbs being gone I’m having a hard time watching newer episodes. I usually adapt to the change real quick but something about these new episodes isn’t sitting right with me, I’ve literally watched 12 seasons of criminal minds to get my fix of crime shows in the mean time. So how do you guys feel about the quality of the newer episodes? And what are some of your favorite moments that you look forward to reaching in a rewatch?”

Fans’ Favorite ‘NCIS’ Moments

It’s interesting that they mentioned Gibbs’ exit being a reason for the rewatch and thinking about the best moments from the program. His departure was hard on a lot of fans, the original poster included.

Users from all over chimed in with their favorite moments from the show to celebrate the best of times on NCIS. One user wrote, “My favorite episode is the Christmas episode where the woman marine is pregnant by the Iraqi? prince. Its the one where they come to get the baby because of the rights to land. Ziva fights the guy off while Gibbs delivers the baby. The music with the action is the best.”

Another user wrote, “Truth or Consequences Gibbs long range sniper shot.”

As you can tell, users loved and remembered all sorts of scenes from NCIS over the years.

Gibbs Leaves ‘NCIS’

Gibbs leaving the show after eighteen years was hard. Fans were split over his decision to leave. They were split about the way that it all went down, especially. If you recall, Gibbs’ exit ended in Alaska. After chasing a killer to the beautiful state, Gibbs changed. He felt a sense of peace and relief away from it all while fly fishing with McGee. This is what the character was looking for.

After years and years of chasing bad guys, he wanted to ride off into the sunset and just relax in Alaska away from it all. It wasn’t chaotic or crazy of an exit, it was somber. However, after almost two decades of chasing criminals, it made sense that Gibbs was ready for the next phase and he was lucky enough to get it in Alaska.