‘NCIS’: Fans Point Out Major Plot Hole in Season Finale

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS” thankfully didn’t leave fans guessing about the fate of Leroy Gibbs in the finale. So, instead, they turned their attention to a plot hole.

The Season 18 Finale of “NCIS” went out with a bang quite literally. The boat that Mark Harmon’s character was on exploded in the final moments of the episode. But some viewers are questioning how Gibbs even got the boat on the water. They believe it’s a plot hole that the show’s editing tried to wave away.

For several seasons, Gibbs has been working on the boat in his basement. But the show didn’t reveal how Gibbs planned to get the watercraft out of his home and out on the open seas. Viewers hoped to learn exactly how the show planned to explain that. But instead, “NCIS” opted to just skip over that tidbit. Fans appeared baffled by the omission.

One user wrote online, “Whoa! Didn’t see that coming. But how did he get the boat out of the basement?”

And another tweeted: “Million dollar question. How in the hell does Gibbs get the boats out of the basement??”

Yet another wrote, “18 years and have never had an answer. Will that ever get explained?”

Several fans felt cheated by the ending: “No, no, no, NCIS, you did not have us watch Gibbs build that boat for seven years to not let us see how he got it out of the basement. Don’t do us dirty like that.”

‘NCIS’ Ends On a Cliffhanger

Some observant fans believed they found an answer to the boat debacle. In Gibbs’ basement, there’s a set of double doors. They believe the character used the doors to exit his property with the boat. But other fans question where the doors could lead if he’s in a basement.

“Where would they go, into the ground? He’s in a basement.”

But that’s not the only question that fans have. The Season Finale left many questions for “NCIS” fans during the off-season. For instance, who wants to kill Gibbs? Likewise, viewers don’t know what shape Gibbs is in following the explosion. In the final shot of the episode, Gibbs appears following the explosion. He appeared lifeless and many expected the worst. But “NCIS” left fans with Gibbs weakly swimming away following the attack.

Some believe that Gibbs may have faked his own death to go off the grid. Others believe he may disappear for a while given the attack. With Mark Harmon confirmed for next season, it remains to be seen what happens. But he will need a new boat.