‘NCIS’ Fans Praise One ‘Gem’ of a Character on the Series

by Shelby Scott

We often hear a lot about TV’s hit show “NCIS” forerunners, such as, obviously, Special Agent Gibbs, Agent Timothy McGee, and other longtime or centric members of the show. However, Redditors in a more recent thread discussed one underdog and his name is Jimmy Palmer.

While fans no doubt love Jimmy and his part on the show, his contributions frequently get cast to the background. Instead, more integral characters run into more pressing issues or personal problems that shove Jimmy aside. Nevertheless, this small group of Reddit Jimmy supporters highlighted some of the medical examiner’s best qualities. Most notably, they pointed to the “NCIS” season 14, episode 13 called “Keep Going.”

There are always multiple subplots for each “NCIS” episode. However, the basis for this one (at least surrounding Jimmy) is that a young man’s father is killed in a DUI hit-and-run. During which, Jimmy literally talks the young man off a ledge.

During that particular scene, the man, Ryan, asks Jimmy if he ever wanted more from life than to just be an assistant to head examiner “Ducky” Mallard. “Of course I did,” he replied. He expanded, stating he took his medical exams three times over before he finally passes and received his Ph.D. However, he also shares that once that happened, he didn’t want any of the dynamics with his team and friends to change. He was happy with how things were.

Finally, both Ryan and Jimmy safely come down from the ledge, and later in the episode, Gibbs, stern, often scary Gibbs, gives Palmer a hug, emphasizing the doctor’s importance to the team and the show.

So while we all have our favorite picks, we can understand why Outsiders adore Dr. Jimmy Palmer, as one Redditor called Jimmy “so wholesome and a gem to the show.”

The Wholesome Jimmy Palmer is Excited to Return for Season 19 of “NCIS”

While Outsider’s “NCIS” fans impatiently wait for the newest season to begin this fall, it seems Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen is just as excited. And while we can all conclude that Jimmy Palmer is too wholesome for this world, it appears actor Brian Dietzen may be just as wholesome.

In July, Dietzen shared a post about the newest season of “NCIS,” writing, “So grateful to get to play this Jimmy Palmer fella for a 19th season!”

As the new season returns, we look forward to seeing Brian Dietzen play Palmer again as now Chief Medical Examiner. We look forward to the return of longtime castmembers such as Sean Murray sprinkled with a little bit of David McCallum and, hopefully, at least a tiny bit of Mark Harmon. However, things on that front look a little rocky. Nevertheless, another new season of America’s favorite TV show is nothing to sneeze at, especially as it approaches the end of a second decade on the air. Dr. Palmer, we’ll see you very soon.