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‘NCIS’ Fans Question Whether One Character’s Clothes Would Be ‘Acceptable’ in Real-Life Work Environment

by Michael Freeman

A longtime tradition of television show fans is to dissect the real-world applications of characters and situations. NCIS enthusiasts are no different, with a recent topic being whether a certain character’s clothes would be “acceptable” in a real-life work environment.

Longtime NCIS fans likely know who I’m referring to: Abby Sciuto. Though there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed, one could easily make an argument for many of her outfits not being work-appropriate. A recent Reddit post did just that, with the title being “Would Abby’s work clothing etc be acceptable for a real-world forensics role in government?”

General consensus there seems to be a hard “no,” but some counterpoints and explanations have been made. For instance, one of the top-rated comments talks about Jenny Shepard first becoming director there. Sheppard outright told her she couldn’t dress that way, but Gibbs said to ignore it.

Another user gives a lengthy explanation, claiming to do government contract work. Though they couldn’t get into specifics, they went into detail about Abby’s attire. According to them, it would not be acceptable in most institutions. Further, they stated what most places have for dress codes and Abby’s wouldn’t really fit the bill.

Overall, they also conclude Abby’s professional attire wouldn’t work. However, the user says she could accentuate her appearance with things like dark makeup, fun hairstyles, and jewelry. They also add she might even get away with wearing things with skulls on them if it is confined to the rules. For example, a blouse with a skull print might be acceptable.

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Also Concerned With DiNozzo’s Antics After Rewatching Older Episodes

Questioning Abby’s attire on NCIS isn’t the only thing show fans have been examining lately. Last week, after rewatching older episodes, many are questioning DiNozzo’s workplace behavior.

Anthony DiNozzo was a beloved NCIS character during his tenure on the show. Nonetheless, after rewatching older episodes, another user on Reddit found themselves annoyed with DiNozzo’s constant flirting and immaturity. In a post titled “Upon Rewatch,” they questioned if other people felt the same.

Similar to the case with Abby, many users responded saying Tony wouldn’t have lasted a day in a real office acting the way he did. Besides the constant flirting, one user also mentioned how he was essentially a bully, especially towards McGee.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a complete agreement. One person in the thread said they found Tony’s behavior to be funny, not annoying. Continuing, they talked about the show becoming more “politically correct,” which makes it less fun. They also note Tony matures as the show progresses and the immaturity becomes less of an issue later.