‘NCIS’ Fans Question Who Caused Mark Harmon’s Gibbs’ Boat To Explode

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Since the finale of “NCIS” season 18, fans have been spiraling. They’ve since been trying to figure out the reasoning for the explosion within the show’s plot. Further, they’ve been incessantly worrying whether or not season 19 will truly be “NCIS” patriarch, Mark Harmon‘s final season. Regardless, we’re here to keep all of you Outsiders as much on the “NCIS” insider spectrum as possible.

According to Express, season 19 of the hit crime drama is set to pick up right where season 18 left off, which was immediately following the explosion of Gibbs’ boat, Rule 91. And for you “NCIS” fans who aren’t familiar with Gibbs’ famous, endless rulebook, we’ll let you know what Rule 91 is.

Based on a phone call with “NCIS” former agent, Ellie Bishop (formerly played by Emily Wickersham), Gibbs says, “When you decide to walk away, don’t look back.” While Gibbs doesn’t specifically say, “This is what rule 91 is,” it’s short, concise, and direct, much like the rest of Gibbs’ famous rules.

The outlet speculated that perhaps Gibbs’ boat, “Rule 91,” refers to what will become of his character within the show. There are multiple theories that have accumulated throughout this summer posing who would blow up Gibbs’ boat and why. However, the majority of “NCIS” fans seem resolved that Gibbs staged the explosion himself.

The outlet explained the supposition, stating that Gibbs knew he had enemies tailing him. Because of the character’s iconic gut instincts, he’s typically way ahead of both his enemies and his team members. Therefore, since Rule 91 references leaving, Express proposed it only made sense that the special agent would destroy the boat. Overall, the further reference to the rule somehow symbolizes that Gibbs won’t be going anywhere. After all, he survived the explosion and was resolved to some kind of mission.

Fans Inspire the Conversation and Inspiration Behind ‘NCIS’

Entertainment-focused media outlets have kept us on our toes and predicted along with us the outcomes for “NCIS” season 19. Regardless, however, the fans are the ones who seem to pull the pieces together. Thanks to social sharing platforms, especially Reddit, conversations surrounding “NCIS” characters and plotlines are ongoing all the time.

Additionally, many fans share their predictions online, along with the sequence in which those predictions may fall. With such creative minds, Reddit is constantly abuzz with possibilities.

One fan is determined that Gary Cole’s character, who will play a major FBI agent, is the serial killer. And while things like this have certainly happened in the past, others aren’t so sure.

“Based on press releases,” one Redditor wrote, “Cole’s character is an FBI agent. Not to say he couldn’t be the serial killer, but that would be quite a twist.”

Others, such as myself, long for the return of beloved characters. These especially include Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo and Former Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. “Ducky” Mallard. Though I won’t get our hopes up there seeing “Ducky” makes very minimal appearances anymore and Dinozzo has been on “NCIS” in years.

Alas, all we can do is (impatiently) wait and hope “NCIS” producers share with us something truly fantastic, surprising, and creative.