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‘NCIS’: Fans Find One Seemingly Charming Character ‘Unbearable’

by Anna Dunn
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Some NCIS fans find one character that seems charming pretty “Unbearable.” There’s been plenty of side characters over the years. This one in particular makes fans have a lot to say.

In a Reddit thread titled “Tony’s father is very charming….” the original poster said.

“But he is {…} unbearable. He does not respect his son’s house among other troubles more than he does. I agree with Tony and it’s okay that [he doesn’t] tell him everything,” one fan wrote. In the show, a lot of times Tony’s feelings about his father are cast aside or not taken seriously because of how charming his father is. This annoys fans.

“It always irritated me how everyone else on the team made excuses for Senior and completely disregarded Tony’s issues with his father like he was the problem,” another fan added.

“In my opinion he always came off as a bit slimy and shady, but it’s the actor for me, also in other roles. That’s probably why I definitely can imagine him hurling Natalie Wood off that boat,” she said.

Tony, or Anthony Dinozzo, was a member of the NCIS team for years. Actor Michael Weatherly has since left the show and now stars on Bull, but his seasons are often viewed as the best.

Tony’s father, Anthony DiNozzo Senior, is played by the very well-known Robert Wagner. The long-time actor was a major pull as a guest star for the series, but fans didn’t necessarily love the way the character treated his son.

Though many noted that despite the character being a bit questionable, they loved the casting.

“Best casting choice ever. Even better than the wonderful loved and much missed Ralph Waite for Gibbs (and Costner in The Bodyguard)” one fan proclaimed.

‘NCIS’ Has a Very Different Cast

NCIS has a very different looking cast than the days of Anthony DiNozzo Senior. Ziva, Tony, Abby, and now even Gibbs are all gone. They’ve all been replaced, sometimes twice over, since their departures. The fanbase has struggled to see so many people come and go.

But it does look like they like the two new cast members this year. Both Katrina Law and Gary Cole have impressed in their roles. It’s particularly notable for Gary Cole because he had to replace the iconic boss, Agent Gibbs. Gibbs was a staple of the show. He was the face of it. So the fact that Cole was able to get a good chunk of fans on Board with his character, Alden Parker, was impressive.

Cole is known for his work on Office Space, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and tons of other comedic and dramatic credits. He’s great at working across genres, and fans were actually pretty excited when they heard he was joining the cast.

If you want to check out this different-looking NCIS, you can catch up on old episodes or watch it as it airs. The show is on a break now, but when it comes back on November 29th, it airs on Mondays at 9/8 Central.