‘NCIS’: Fans Share Outrageous Theories on How Gibbs Got His Boat Out of the Basement in Season Finale?

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

“NCIS” may have ended with an explosive cliffhanger for the ages. But fans can’t stop discussing the real cliffhanger – how did Gibbs get his boat out of that basement?

We got to know, right?! It’s a question that’s been plaguing fans ever since the Season 18 finale aired. Forget, who’s trying to kill Gibbs and blow up his boat. How did he even get his boat out on the water in the first place? The NCIS lead has been working on the watercraft for some time in his cramped basement, and there doesn’t appear to be a discernible way for Gibbs to get the boat out. In fact, “NCIS” cheated and cut to Gibbs already out on the water.

So like most mysteries, there’s plenty of theories on how Gibbs pulled off the water miracle. TV Line asked its readers to send in their best answers to the question. And well, some of them are nothing short of genius. Meanwhile, others are a little outrageous and downright nutty. But one of these gems has to be the correct answer, right? Or perhaps you prefer to fill in your own mad-libbed response.

Well several fans seem to believe that Gibbs flooded the basement to get the boat out. They pointed out the “NCIS” character removing his tools from the room. One wrote, “Given how he was emptying all the tools out, I assume flooding is somehow involved?” Meanwhile, another agreed, “Gibbs did have his tools upstairs before the boat was removed. It may have floated out.”

‘NCIS’ Theories on Gibbs Boat

Another user believed that Gibbs knew his construction skills. He just tore down the wall of the basement using tools and rebuilt the wall after he removed the basement. They pointed out the job wouldn’t have taken but a couple of days.

“The boat goes out through a wall that is torn so precisely it could pass without a scratch. It’s no big business to reconstruct a wall –just beton stone (with forged holes) and blended cement or concrete. It’s done in 2-5 days. I think all of Gibbs’ boats have gone through a wall in the cellar. It’s just a tear down affair, and Gibbs is a craftsman in both wood and building or brick or stone-laying,” they wrote.

Or perhaps the “NCIS” lead broke the fourth wall itself. One user believes that Gibbs is aware that he’s just a character on TV. He just removed the set wall to get the boat out and onto the water. While that theory works for the real-life crew, it doesn’t explain how Gibbs removed the boat in the show.

“It’s a movie set. The walls are movable,” the user wrote. “The crew just slides the walls out of the way, back the boat trailer in, and put the boat on the trailer, and drive it away.”

Or perhaps Gibbs used a secret tunnel, trap door, or secret path. The answer remains a mystery. But that hasn’t stopped fans from giving it their best shot.