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‘NCIS’ Fans Sound Off About What Characters They Want to See in Season 19

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: John Shearer/WireImage

“NCIS” fans are already placing bets on who they will see in the upcoming Season 19. Could the next season see the return of familiar characters? Fans certainly hope that a few fan favorites might make a surprise appearance.

So who do “NCIS” fans want to return? Well according to Reddit, viewers hope that Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David might make an appearance in Season 19. It’s been the better part of the decade since the show’s will-they-or-won’t-they couple graced the screen together. Fans were heartbroken when Ziva actor Cote de Pablo left the show in Season 11. Likewise, Michael Weatherly left the show two seasons later in Season 13.

Since then, de Pablo returned for a guest role on “NCIS” but without Weatherly in tow. Fans are hoping the two actors might appear again together on the show. Many viewers have migrated to Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop on the show for their romance needs. But most of the diehard still consider DiNozzo and David to be the show’s original couple.

Fans also want Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee to interact with the two as well.

‘NCIS’ Fans Consider Mark Harmon Replacement

Fans are also considering a future without Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs in charge. Reportedly, Harmon will be taking a step back from “NCIS” in Season 19. In the final moments of Season 19, Harmon’s character got caught in an explosion while aboard his boat. The character survived the final moments of the episode but disappeared into parts unknown.

Currently, within the show, the NCIS team is without a leader. During Season 18, NCIS suspended Harmon’s character indefinitely. Gibbs got suspended when he decided to extend his own brand of justice. The character attacked and assaulted an animal abuser. It’s not the first time that Gibbs went beyond the law, but he received consequences for his actions this time.

Likewise, the NCIS team also lost mainstay Ellie Bishop as well. Actor Emily Wickersham exited the series at the end of Season 18 as well. In the episode, Bishop allowed herself to be disavowed in order to go undercover on a deep-cover assignment. Fans are unsure when the character may make another appearance. But currently, Wickersham nor “NCIS” have announced plans for the character to appear during Season 19.

So who should replace Leroy Gibbs and Mark Harmon on “NCIS?” Well, fans have latched onto Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee, who has been on the show since Season One himself. As second in command, McGee would inherit the keys to the kingdom so to speak. If not McGee, then-newcomer Gary Cole could make a worthy replacement. The actor will make his introduction in the upcoming season, helping to fill the ranks after Wickersham’s exit and Harmon’s rumored reduced role.