‘NCIS’ Fans Sound Off After Show Wraps Crazy Season 18 Finale

by Will Shepard

The season 18 finale of NCIS aired tonight, May 25. The episode certainly lived up to the hype. Fans all over the world tuned in to see how the show would wrap the season up.

There were almost too many things that happened during the intense episode to cover. Love was finally kindled in the form of a smoldering kiss between two of the characters. It was a long time coming, and fans finally got some closure on that front.

However, NCIS did an incredible thing during the episode. Gibbs’ boat was blown into smithereens while out on the water. Not only did it beg the question as to what happened, but also how could it possibly have gotten out of his basement. Unfortunately, these questions weren’t answered.

After tweeting this out to its fans, the show sent out another tweet. They asked simply if everyone who watched the finale was all right. Well, it appears that a lot of fans are not okay. During the action-packed episode, there were a lot of things for people to digest about the show.

One person responded in a really appropriate way, “No I am not OK!!!! I knew what you were doing-bring in another female and replace Bishop. Suspend Gibbs and make the boys go on their own- taking Gibbs out of the picture!!! My heart is pounding. I am so dang mad right now that I can’t cry for either one of them. Shaking my head!!”

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Going Crazy Over the Season 18 Finale, and Who Can Blame Them?

During and after the finale of the show, fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Again, there was a lot for the show to tie together in the episode. So fans had a lot of things to digest.

One of the things that caught viewers’ eyes was the intense scene about the boat. Some Twitter users are in shambles about what happened. In particular, one user hilariously voiced his opinions in a tweet.

That seems to be the question on everybody’s mind. How in the world is it possible that Gibbs was able to swim away from the explosion? At least, the show put viewers at ease by letting them see him swim away from the accident.

@CauseRSisEpic chimed in with their thoughts, “Wait, what’s going on?” This user also included an emoji of a terrified face at the end of their tweet. Nonetheless, this person’s feelings seem to sum up a good portion of the population who watched the NCIS finale.

So, everyone seems to be in the same camp when it comes to their feelings about the finale. User @sg_wonderland wrote, “Don’t mind me, folks, I’m just curled up in the corner thinking about #NCIS.”

Even though people are still reeling from the NCIS finale, people are excited about the next season. Another user, @macsSAK26, said, “I know, and I don’t even know if I can wait for four months to find out what happens.”