‘NCIS’: Fans Sound Off on Their Favorite ‘Love Interest’ Gibbs Has Had on Show

by Lauren Boisvert

Gibbs has had his fair share of love interests on NCIS. For a while they were all redheads, like the mysterious woman who used to pick him up from work in the early days. There was his OG love interest, Shannon, his first wife; then there was his never-seen second wife; next was Jenny Shepard, former NCIS director; and a slew of others, of course.

Fans on Reddit have recently come together to discuss their favorites out of Gibbs’ wives and girlfriends. “Who was your favorite?” asked one Reddit user. “I get that no one can replace Shannon…But I felt like he deserved someone to share his life with instead of torturing himself in that basement.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Gibbs’ Love Interests on ‘NCIS’

The original poster loved Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Dr. Samantha Ryan from season 9. She was a psychologist working as director of the DOD PsyOps division. Of Dr. Ryan, the user wrote, “He didn’t want her to go and that was the first person I have ever seen him pretty much express that he was trying.” Gibbs is known for being rather stoic, after all, so when he breaks down and shows his emotions you know something is real.

Another user liked Hollis Mann, the Army Colonel from season 4. “She was nice and the team respected her,” commented another user, “That is big!” Mann and Gibbs were serious, and DiNozzo even called her “future ex-wife number 4.” But Mann was often frustrated with Gibbs’ refusal to express his emotions.

But, in typical Gibbs fashion, he expresses his emotions in unique ways; he and Mann have a moment where Mann questions his devotion to her, and he says he was trying to fix the plumbing in the house to surprise her. “It’s gonna be a bigger job than I thought,” he says, “it’s gonna take a while.” With these words, he confirmed that he actually wants to be with her for the long haul. Of course, they don’t last; Mann leaves when she realizes Gibbs is still mourning Shannon and Kelly.

Who Started Gibbs’ Obsession with Redheads?

A few commenters really liked Gibbs and Jenny Shepard together. Her first appearance was the season 3 premiere as the new director of the NCIS. She was Gibbs’ former professional partner, but also his romantic partner; they reunited at the NCIS. They were on assignment in Europe together when they fell in love, but Shepard refused to go back to the U.S. with Gibbs, choosing her career instead. It’s possible she’s why Gibbs likes redheads, as she seems to be the first one.

Throughout NCIS seasons 3 to 5–Shepard’s run on the show–she and Gibbs have obvious flirtations, but never officially get back together. Her health fails throughout the seasons, but she never really tells anyone. Shepard eventually dies in a shootout in a diner after telling Mike Franks that she’s still in love with Gibbs and regrets leaving him. The shootout occurs because of a botched job she and Gibbs did in Russia when they were agents together; the woman she was supposed to kill comes back to kill her and Gibbs. She partially succeeds.

A couple of users wanted to see Pam Dawber’s character Marcie end up with Gibbs, being that she’s Mark Harmon’s real-life wife. But, according to hints in the most recent season 19 episode, Marcie has other inclinations.