‘NCIS’ Fans Sound Off on Times They ‘Couldn’t Feel Bad’ for Character Killed Off on Show

by Quentin Blount

One user on Reddit posed an interesting question to all of the loyal NCIS fans out there — have you ever not felt bad for a character who died on the show?

A user that goes by the name of u/realclowntime took to the popular forum on Friday night to ask NCIS fans a question. They wanted to know if there was ever a time when fans couldn’t feel bad after a character is killed off on the show.

“Was there ever a time when a character died and you just couldn’t feel bad for them?” the original post reads.

One of the most up-voted responses on the thread is for the character La Grenouille. Portrayed by Armand Assante, La Grenouille is a French weapons dealer on the show. He is being hunted by NCIS director Jenny Shepard. She believed that he had killed her father.

“La Grenouille. I felt sorry for Jeanne because she got caught up with it but didn’t care that he died,” the fan replied.

The original poster agreed saying they were “not surprised at all” when La Grenouille got the axe.

“I liked the guy in some ways and found him more interesting than Jenny herself but I wasn’t at all surprised when he turned up dead. There was nowhere else for his story to go.”

Other ‘NCIS’ Fans Sound Off

For another fellow Redditor, they admitted that the one character they didn’t care to see go was Ilan Bodnar. Bodnar was portrayed by Israeli actor Oded Fehr.

“For me, to be honest, it’s probably Ilan Bodnar or The Chameleon from ‘NCIS: LA’ season 3 or 4 I believe.”

“Those are understandable, to be honest,” the original poster replied.

Finally, one fan channeled their inner-Yoda when saying they weren’t a fan of director Jenny Shepard. Shepard was played by Lauren Holly.

“Director Shepard, annoying she was,” the fan commented. The original poster then responded with their own two cents.

“She did more harm than good for the agency, ultimately.”

Meanwhile, another person hopped in to say that they were “very happy” to move on from Director Shepard.

“Her whole character and backstory was ridiculous. I was very happy to move on.”

What Really Happened to Director Jenny Shepard?

Okay, we know that there are a lot of NCIS fans out there who were not big fans of Director Shepard. But what really happened to the character who was in the show from seasons three to five? It turns out that actress Lauren Holly got tired of playing the part.

Producers said that Holly was ready to move on and try something different. At that same time, the show decided it was also time to get rid of her character, and she was killed off during Season 5 of the show.

“To be honest, now that the work bug had bitten me again, I got bored with my part of the ‘Director,'” Holly wrote on her website. Then the decision was made to kill me, and boy did they. About five different ways!”