‘NCIS’ Fans Spot Glaring Season 4 Tony DiNozzo Mistake Over a Decade Later

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

It’s officially off-season for NCIS because fans are off spotting early-season blunders on their rewatches. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a mistake related to Tony DiNozzo all the way back in season 4. It’s not a big surprise, after 18 seasons, NCIS is sure to have some continuity errors.

The error occurred in season four episode 19, where Tony went to the scene of an explosion with Special Agent Paula Cassidy. In the scene, Tony held a cigar.

“Tony removes his cigar from his mouth using his right hand, camera changes and now he has his torch in his right hand,” a fan pointed out on moviemistakes.

It’s not the first continuity error in NCIS, almost every show has them. They simply happen when something changes between shots and it’s not caught by production while filming or by editors in post. With so many seasons, it’s actually impressive there aren’t more continuity errors.

Tony DiNozzo Amongst Many Old Characters No Longer on ‘NCIS’

Tony DiNozzo was one of the main NCIS characters, but actor Michael Weatherly left the show at the end of season 13. He left in part to star in the CBS series Bull. The show’s fifth season premiered last November.

Another Major Character no longer on the NCIS squad is beloved Abby Sciuto, the upbeat goth forensic specialist. Her face and goth hairstyles and outfits became synonymous with the show, but actress Pauley Perrette left the show following a major dispute with lead actor Mark Harmon. She has since retired from acting.

Now, Mark Harmon is one of the only remaining original actors from the beginning. Even he is starting to step back. He won’t be in every episode next season. It’s rumored that Harmon wanted to leave NCIS, but CBS said the show wouldn’t continue without him, so he stayed. Harmon hasn’t just been a lead actor on the series. He’s also an executive producer.

With many major characters gone or leaving, it’s hard to say how much longer NCIS will continue, but its certainly not losing momentum if the ratings have anything to say about it. The show still crushes its competition in the ratings.

NCIS has also spawned three spinoffs, NCIS: Los Angeles, which will enter its thirteenth season this fall, NCIS: New Orleans, which just ended its seventh season after a shocking cancellation, and NCIS: Hawai’i, which will air its first season this fall.

NCIS, meanwhile, is nearing two decades on television. Its 19th season will also air in the fall. Hopefully, production will be able to catch any continuity errors before they happen.