‘NCIS’ Fans Spot Major Continuity Issue All the Way Back in Season 1

by Matthew Wilson

You can’t get anything past “NCIS” fans. We are an observant bunch, and when the show makes a mistake, fans are quick to call it out. Even if it happened almost 18 years ago or so.

According to Looper, some eagled-eyed “NCIS” fans noticed quite the blunder back in Season 1. The show had a continuity error involving the short-lived Kate Todd. Fortunately, the continuity error has nothing to do with Todd’s eventual demise. So no need to bring up old wounds. But “NCIS” did feature a mistake during Season 1, Episode 18.

Filming errors happen from time to time on both shows and films. Sometimes, producers catch these mistakes before they make it to air. And in the case of “NCIS”, they lay dormant for years until fans notice and call out the show. In the episode, the NCIS team investigates a Navy Seal who kills both his wife and also escapes prison.

Kate volunteers to protect both the wife’s parents and Navy Seal’s son in case he came a-knocking. Predictably, he does just that and ends up taking poor Kate hostage. (She really did get the rough end of the deal). The Navel Seal, named Jack Curtain, ends up tying Kate up in the home. He also uses a piece of cloth to gag the NCIS agent.

But fans noticed that the gag seems to change between shots. For one, it appears clean and tied around Kate properly. But in other shots, the gag is loose on the NCIS agent’s face and poking out. To make matters worse, the gag seems to alternate between the two states in between shots.

‘NCIS’ Makes More Mistakes

While it’s next to impossible to fix an almost 20-year mistake, it’s still fun to poke fun at “NCIS” for making the mistake all these years later. The show is filmed on a tight schedule to make its deadline every year, so sometimes mistakes will happen. Things slip through the cracks for fans to find immediately or years later. No sin is hidden in TV land.

But “NCIS” wasn’t quite through with its blunders. In that same episode, the show made another continuity error, proving producers needed to pay closer attention. During the episode, the NCIS team interviews the wife of Jack’s commander. They interrupt her during a tennis match to conduct the questioning. But “NCIS” can’t seem to figure out which hand the woman was holding the racquet.

In the scene, the tennis racquet switches hands several times, leading to a bizarre watch if you notice. A similar issue happens later with a different prop as well. With multiple seasons that followed, “NCIS” got a little bit better at covering its cracks. But it’s always fun to go back where the show first started.