‘NCIS’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over Pauley Perrette Leaving the Show

by Shelby Scott

As with fan-favorite Michael Weatherly’s departure from “NCIS” in 2016, fans were and are still heartbroken over Pauley Perrette’s (Abby Sciuto’s) departure from the show. Perrette played the NCIS agency’s forensic scientist for 15 years. She grew with characters old and new and provided a sense of calm and lightheartedness when all seemed lost.

A recent Reddit post had fans discussing the actress’s departure and whether or not they believe she’ll return. While a few hold out hope for the forensic scientist’s return, others are positive she won’t be coming back.

One hopeful responded to the post, “I mean they could write that she called McGee or something without having the actress on. I mean Jimmy mentioned that he plays an online game with Tony.”

Someone else provided a more in-depth perspective. They stated:

“They left it open enough that she could come back but as Pauley Perrette has apparently retired from acting and left on bad terms I don’t really see that happening.” The response continued, explaining how she made a lot of “vague and serious accusations” following her departure. Nevertheless, this user too holds out with a tiny sliver of hope.

Others have accepted the fact that she almost definitely will not be returning to the set. One response supplied a short, “Nope,” since apparently Perrette claimed she was attacked by the show’s producer, Mark Harmon.

Michael Weatherly Expresses His Admiration for Former “NCIS” Costar Pauley Perrette

Following Perrette’s departure from “NCIS,” Michael Weatherly (Tony Dinozzo) shared his honest thoughts about his friend and former costar. He appeared in an interview with People magazine and expressed his affection for Perrette. In speaking about Perrette, “She’s a fierce lady and one of my favorite people on the planet,” he shared. Prior, he expressed his surety that Abby will be back at some point, in some capacity.

However, it seemed Weatherly was unaware of the situation taking place on the set of “NCIS.” In June of 2019, Perrette expressed she would never return to the popular show.

“NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!” she wrote in a frantic Twitter post. “(Please stop asking?),” she continued, “I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me.”

Prior to her departure, she shared an early update that she would not be returning for another season and that she hopes fans love and remember her character Abby for everything she contributed to the show.

Despite the statements she made regarding the show’s producer, Perrette remains close with several cast members. In a 2020 interview with USA Today, the former “NCIS” star said, “Michael Weatherly is like my brother. I love him more than anything on the planet Earth…And CBS is my home to me.”

So while it’s almost a guarantee Perrette will never return to the set of “NCIS,” fans can take solace in that her friendship with ex-costars was and is genuine.