‘NCIS’ Fans Still Have One Major Complaint About Pauley Perrette’s Character Abby

by Matthew Wilson

Pauley Perrette’s Abby Sciuto was one of the breakout characters on “NCIS.” During the early seasons, Perrette’s character dominated pop culture. But not everyone was a fan of the character.

Some diehard “NCIS” fans didn’t like Abby. And even after the character left the show, they still have a bone to pick about her time on the show. According to Looper, fans recently discussed Pauley Perrette’s character’s journey on the show. Fans believe that certain key details about the character didn’t really track between seasons.

For instance, Perrette’s character was very different in the show’s first two seasons. For one, she had a huskier tone to her voice. She also held herself to higher regard on the job. But things seemed to change with Season 3. Abby got a bit of a revamp in-between seasons. “NCIS” decided to revamp Perrette’s character a bit to make her stand apart from NCIS’s new director Jenny Shepard.

Abby got a higher-pitched voice. She also got a hairstyle change with her pigtails becoming more prominent. According to fans, these changes made the character appear more childish. Perhaps, the show as going for the “cute” goth look. At the time, it wasn’t quite the stereotype that it would later become. But some fans feel that “NCIS” turned Perrette’s character into a caricature of herself.

Pauley Perrette on ‘NCIS’

Abby isn’t quite as professional as she used to be on “NCIS” during the later seasons. Though she maintained a vital role on the show, Perrette’s character became known for her antics on the show. In fact, she ended up playing key scenes and serious situations for laughs. That rubbed some users the wrong way.

“A lot of Abby’s antics especially Mexico would have gotten her at the very least suspended if not outright fired in the real world,” one fan wrote.

Some however came to Abby’s defense. There’s a potential in-universe explanation for Abby’s behavior during the series. And get your tissues ready because it’s sad. Some viewers believe the character acts in a childlike way as a coping mechanism for the trauma that she experienced in life. The character tried to deal with these events by regressing into a childlike manner. Whether this is true or not is up for debate.

But most likely, “NCIS” producers realized they needed a little levity in the show. And Perrette’s character took on the role of comic relief. Love or hate her, Abby helped elevate “NCIS” to even further success. For a time, she was the most recognizable character from the show in pop culture space. Though other characters have come and gone, none of them have reached the same widespread appeal. And that’s thanks in part to her unique characteristics.